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Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 Recap | Goodbye, Franklin | Snowfall Aftermath

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In this episode of Snowfall Aftermath, we recap Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 “Sacrifice”.


Franklin warns Louie about the DEA coming after her right as they show up to hunt her. Later, Louie makes Buckley rescue her and promises him half-a-million dollars if he helps her make it to her stash spot. When Buckley goes for a smoke, Louie holds him up at gunpoint and forces him to show her his pager. Louie escapes in Buckley’s vehicle. Meanwhile, Franklin helps Gustavo escape, flying him to safety. Franklin tortures Teddy repeatedly to get his money back. The two of them come to an agreement where Franklin can get half of his money. In the end, Cissy ends up murdering Teddy in public and allowing herself to be captured, giving Franklin a chance to run.

We discuss all of these events and more.

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