The Best Movie Fight Scenes

Depending on a person’s film tastes, there is no denying that a good movie fight scene can help to turn a film into a really good watch and one that is incredibly enjoyable.

Of course, a fight scene can add a whole new dimension to a film as it can provide a number of different layers that can create suspense, excitement, and even humor to proceedings, thus keeping viewers as gripped as ever before. These are just some of the best fight scenes to have ever been produced:

Rocky Balboa v. Apollo Creed in Rocky II

Everyone who loves to watch a fight happen in a movie will have witnessed the contest between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed in Rocky II, as the duo engaged in one of the most iconic fights to have ever been produced in a film.

The final fight in the first film goes completely against what viewers will have expected as Rocky is defeated by Creed, but he does not care as he has Adrian in his corner no matter what happens. Viewers are shocked once again in Rocky II as Balboa wins in a way that many would not have been able to predict, as Creed passes out from exhaustion after a few intense rounds in the fight that leaves each fighter exhausted.

Indeed, those who have been rated the hottest UFC fighters will have been impressed by the determination that Rocky Balboa shows, which is perhaps a skill that they have taken from the film and applied to their own fighting careers.

Yu Shu Lien vs Jen Yu – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Having gone on to reach international acclaim, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has one of the best martial arts fights and sequences ever witnessed on the big screen. The movie’s characters make this art form stand out as the showdown between Yu Shu Lien and Jen Lu has everything that keeps viewers gripped to the action.

Whilst there are a number of physical blows that take place on each other, there are also some great verbal blows that take place as well, thus providing plenty of entertainment.

Lee vs Han in Enter The Dragon

One of Bruce Lee’s most epic movie fight scenes comes in his Enter The Dragon film as he confronts Han after defeating the army that the villain has. The most iconic moment of this fight between the duo is in the hall of mirrors where Han flees to try and escape Lee. Lee is unable to tell which one is the real Han until he breaks all of them before going on to kill him at the end.

Oh Dae-Su vs everyone in the hallway in Oldboy

If you want to watch a cinematic masterpiece when it comes down to watching a fight scene that has it all, the hallway fight in Oldboy is one that needs to be watched! Oh Dae-Su, who has been falsely imprisoned, takes on a hallway of henchmen in a scene that features a huge amount of violence that will impress viewers and leave them with a wide array of different emotions as they are sucked in.

The scene is argued to be one of the best fight scenes in film history, as it took them 17 takes to complete over the course of three days, with no hidden edits or even any real use of CGI being involved, except for when the main character was stabbed.