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Civil War: Panel 2 Panel vs Throwdown | Versus #1

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After some heated debate for the last two weeks, the battleground has finally been set: Panel 2 Panel and Throwdown are here to give you all a good show. Not like the last Versus…ahem…moving on.

On today’s episode, the two teams will be addressing a strong push for diversity in the Marvel comic book that the Throwdown crew believes is forceful, but the P2P crew appreciates. We’ll also speak on the visual DC and Marvel shows that are pending, including thoughts on the latest Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman footage

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What are your opinions and thoughts on the upcoming topic? Is there anything you want us to touch on in the next Versus? Hit the comment section down below! Also, be sure to hit the Koalition Patreon to support the incredible content we put together! Much love!

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