The Co-op Podcast #100: GOTY Season Begins

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It’s finally here, our 100th episode special. Many people don’t know that this podcast started way back in 2006 on Boxden, but it was later recreated on The Koalition, therefore the numbers were reset. The Co-op also went through a period of being a bi-weekly show, but due to popular demand we put it back on a weekly schedule. Now we’ve finally reached our 100th episode and it was only right to bring back my fellow Co-op originals Anthony Fraiser and Fergus Mills to discuss this GOTY season. We also brought on colleagues Tony Polanco and Brian Munjoma from the Throwdown.

Are main topics center around the Game Awards 2014 nominees as well as our own unofficial game of the year choices so far. We also give our year in review on the next-gen systems, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Be sure to leave your thoughts and feedback on everything discussed below.

Audio Version

– We speak on this week’s game releases (Far Cry 4, GTA V, Dragon Age Inquisition and more)
– How does Destiny fair 2 months later? Charles shares his thoughts
– Next-gen 1 year later: Is it everything we expected?
– Can Nintendo make a comeback?
– The Game Awards: Are they influenced or genuine? Who do we think will win?
– Our unofficial GOTY (Game of the year) so far

Panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Richard Bailey Jr., Charles Singletary Jr., Tony Polanco, Brian Munjoma, Fergus Mills, Anthony Frasier

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