Throwdown Ep. 12 – “365 Days Later”

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Welcome to another episode of the Throwdown podcast. This is a show where we discuss video games, pop culture and tech in an honest and uncompromising fashion. You won’t get any bullshit here.

It’s hard to believe but it’s actually been a year since the launch of both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Crazy right? Before they were launched, much speculation hung in the air about what the consoles would be capable of and what they would do for their respective companies. Now that we’re a year from their release, we look back on both systems to see how they’ve evolved and how gamers have been enjoying, or not enjoying them.

Chris’ editorial about The Evil Within ruffled a few feathers (to say the least). Why do people get so offended when others don’t like the games they like? What is it that fosters this kind of reaction from a differing opinion? We try to get to the heart of why some gamers just can’t seem to deal with criticism of the games they love.

Our friend Torrence Davis (who is on the show tonight) recently released a new episode of The Morning Gamer. One of the things he talked about was how he enjoys multiplayer in games more than single player. Torrence wondered why some gamers don’t want multiplayer components in single player games because to him, playing with friends is more fun than playing alone. We have differing opinions about this on Throwdown so we get into why some people feel this way.

Finally we talk about, what I like to call, Gameageddon 2014 Part Two: The Revenge. This week saw the release of a ton of games and we go in-depth about what we’ve been playing.

This week I was joined by: Emilio LopezBrian MunjomaBrett Murdock, and Chris Sealy. Thanks to our special guest Torrence Davis.


Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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