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The Co-op Podcast #101: Will Gran Turismo 7 Do What DriveClub Didn’t?

With Forza being the go-to driving experience for gamers who take their driving seriously, Sony has struggled to keep up with the consistency of the series. They used to run the sim-racer genre with Gran Turismo, but the long development cycles helped dip things in Forza‘s favor. When we first saw DriveClub back in February 2013, we all thought Sony would have a brand new racing experience for their platform that could potentially top rival games in the genre.

However, with DriveClub‘s controversial launch issues the game has gained a negative stigma. A new Gran Turismo is heavily rumored to be launching on the PS4 within the next two years. Will Gran Turismo 7 be the racer that the Playstation platform needs? We debate it on the show.

Also on the agenda:

– We discuss the curse of Black Friday
Game of Thrones is releasing. What are your expectations?
– Ubisoft trolls Far Cry 4 piraters by releasing a post launch patch to fix the field-of-view. Only people who bought the game could get the patch. Should this be a common practice?
The Crew wont be given to reviewers before launch. Their reasoning is because it’s an MMO. Is this justified?


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