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The Co-op Podcast #102: Your Move Microsoft!

Welcome to another episode of The Co-op Podcast. We’re just coming off of an eventful weekend that provided us with a ton of talking points. We already had a React episode where we responded to the Street Fighter V news, but even then it wasn’t known that Street Fighter V will never touch another console other than Playstation 4 and that it would be cross play with PC. Those two variables alone make the announcement even bigger than it originally was. Much of this episode is spent touching on the impact of this announcement, and what Microsoft could possibly do to counter-act.


Michael A went as far as to say that Microsoft is done. It was a statement made out of shock, but how much weight does it hold? Microsoft had a great November with their well priced console bundles, but what else can they do to compete seriously with Sony now that they have such a high profile exclusive? Remember, Street Fighter V makes a ton of money on tournaments such as EVO, so this is a big deal. Can Microsoft secure something of equal or greater worth? I’m sure they can, but let us know your thoughts.

The Game Awards also took place this past Friday, and we got to see a ton of new gameplay footage. Even though we live blogged the event we decided to summarize our thoughts on everything that went down. We also touch on the awesome Metal Gear Solid Online footage and speculate whether the performance will match up to what we saw.

Panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Richard Bailey Jr, Michael A, Tony Polanco


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