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Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 14: The Game Awards & PlayStation Experience Edition

Welcome to another episode of Throwdown Your Questions. This is the show which is dictated by you, our loyal followers. We answer any and all Video Game, Pop Culture and Tech related questions on this podcast.

We don’t usually have special episodes of Throwdown Your Questions but this one kind of is since most of our questions are concerned with the two big events which happened over the weekend. The fans wanted to know our thoughts on The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience and we are more than happy to let give them.

The first hour of this podcast is us giving our thoughts on the two shows. Some of us (including myself) have some very strong opinions on the programs and things got a bit heated with many curses sent flying. We also broke down all that transpired with emphasis on the Uncharted 4 gameplay trailer, Street Fighter V being a PS4 console exclusive, and how Square-Enix trolled everyone with the Final Fantasy VII announcement.

Of course we did answer questions pertaining to the show and some of them are:

  • Which is a bigger exclusive deal: Rise of the Tomb Raider or Street Fighter V?
  • What can Microsoft to do gain a lead on Sony?
  • Was The Last Guardian cancelled or is Sony waiting to unveil it at E3?
  • Why did Square-Enix troll us with Final Fantasy VII?

We also received a few non-The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience questions such as:

  • Who would win in a deathmatch: Big Boss or John Matrix?
  • I don’t like turn-based RPGs, is Dragon Age: Inquisition a game I should buy?
  • Do you think the Assassin’s Creed Victory announcement has damaged the AC brand even further?

This week I was joined by: Emilio LopezBrian Munjoma, and Chris Sealy. Thanks to our special guest: Alex Nuss from Junkie Monkeys.


Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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