The Co-op Podcast #103: Is a Final Fantasy VII Remake in Development?

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Welcome to the final episode of The Co-op Podcast for 2014.

Next week we’ll be having a special Game of the Year edition of The Quarterly Report instead, but until then enjoy as Charles Singletary Jr and I go back and forth about Final Fantasy VII. I don’t want to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII personaly, but Charles is all for it and believes it could possibly be in development already. Could a Final Fantasy VII remake really be in the works? Could this be why Square Enix so openly trolled us at the Playstation Experience? Let us know your thoughts.


Also on this episode, we go in depth on this months NPD numbers and what the result could be for December. We also touch on all the new Street Fighter V developments, including the announcement that Charlie Nash will be in the game.

Also discussed:

Destiny DLC is out now. Is it enough to keep everyone playing? Did y’all hear it was blocking content that was previously free?
– Should we be more hyped for No Mans Sky?
The Witcher 3 delayed so that the developer can put more polish on the game. Are CD Projekt setting a great example right now?

Panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Charles Singletary Jr, Richard Bailey Jr


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