The Co-op Podcast #104: Console Exclusives Are Lacking

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Welcome to the first episode of The Co-op podcast for 2015. The NPD numbers were released last week, and they were pretty surprising, with Xbox One selling the most consoles in December, and some of the more popular games selling more on the Xbox One platform. What does this tell us about the rest of the year? It’s hard to say so early on, but listen as we discuss how we feel 2015 will go in terms of sales and popularity. Exclusives are clearly going to be a huge deciding factor, and currently it seems like Microsoft may have the advantage in terms of console exclusives this year. There are some pretty opinionated thoughts shared on this show, so be sure to leave your comments and rebuttals below.


Nintendo held their first Nintendo direct of the year last week, so we touched on some of the main talking points, including our criticism of the new 3DS device. We had Nintendo fanatic Jakejames Lugo breaking down everything good and bad about the Nintendo Direct, with the rest of the panel chiming in. Be sure to check out our article on the Direct here.

Naughty Dog revealed that they’ll consider locking Uncharted 4 at 30fps if it delivers a better gaming experience. We all had different views on this subject as you can imagine, so listen as we debate on it and be sure to let us know what your stance is.

Panel: Richard Bailey Jr, Gary Swaby, Jakejames Lugo, Austin B. Conway


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