The Co-op Podcast #99: Why Aren’t LBP3 and Project Spark Promoted More?

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Welcome back to episode 99 of The Co-op Podcast, we’re a week away from the big one, but before that we were joined by Co-op veteran and entrepreneur Anthony Frasier to discuss the latest in gaming. While discussing the NPD’s for October we began to ponder what November is looking like, and that lead us to wonder why Sony’s (little) big exclusive LittleBigPlanet 3 (LBP3) isn’t being promoted the way it should be. We then realized that Microsoft’s own creation title Project Spark slipped under the radar. These are two creative games that should be shown more attention, but instead they’re getting out-shined by the mass of AAA titles. Listen as we discuss the reasons and let us know your personal thoughts.


Ubisoft have received a lot of negative press this week with all the bugs being revealed in Assassin’s Creed Unity. There’s also the fact that they tried to control all the negative press with their embargo, which was set for hours after the game went on sale. We discuss our thoughts on this controversy.

Also discussed this week:

– Michael A and Richard Bailey Jr. speak on their experiences with Halo: Master Chief collection
Grand Theft Auto V is being released on next-gen next week, but will it suffer the same issues it had last year with the online? Will we get heists during launch week?

This week’s panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Richard Bailey Jr., Anthony Frasier, Charles Singletary Jr., Michael A.


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