Luke Cage Proves that the Marvel Universe is Unbreakable | Series Review

On September 30th, Netflix subscribers will finally get access to the latest Marvel TV series Luke Cage. The show follows the everyday challenges of Luke Cage, who was previously seen in Marvel’s Jessica Jones series on Netflix. The show is set after the events of Jessica Jones, but throughout the series we’ll get to understand how Luke came to be the bulletproof hero we know him to be.

One of the things that stand out about the series is how different it feels in tone compared to other Movies and TV series’ set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is truly Marvel’s strength that they can produce movies and films that are tailored to different sub-genres and still make them all connect to one central universe.

Luke Cage has a soulful aura around it that artfully captures a Harlem tale. Even the cast of characters feel authentic to the location, as well as the events that transpire. Mahershala Ali, who plays Cornell Stokes (Cotton Mouth), does an outstanding job opposing Mike Colter (Luke Cage). You can tell from the trailers alone that Luke Cage is going to be something special once you’re able to watch.

Even though the show may be more appealing to a certain demographic, it’s widely accessible to the any TV junkie that just wants to be entertained. Furthermore, the references to the rest of the Marvel universe will be a welcomed treat to the fans that have followed all for the events thus far.

In our official preview show we talk through some of the most appealing aspects of the show, based on what we’ve seen so far. This preview is completely spoiler free.

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