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Power episode 10 “In My Best Interest” marks the end of season 3, and it all wraps up in a shocking turn of events. It’s depressing to know that we’ll have to wait a whole year to find out the fate of these characters that we’ve come to love over the past three months. Starz will surely set records once more with this finale, and it will have people talking for weeks to come.

Power Season 3 Episode 10 “In My Best Interest” Recap

Early in the episode Greg learns of Ruiz’s murder. He visits the crime scene to retrieve the recording device that he gave Ruiz to use in the meeting with Milan. Jamie is watching from his car across the street and calls Angela to ask if he’s being investigated.

Later, Jamie is at the club speaking with Karen about the upcoming party at Truth. Milan sees the exchange and later when he meets with Tommy, he tells him that Jamie cannot die until he signs Karen’s contract.

Greg listens to the recording he got from Ruiz and hears Tommy’s conversation with Ruiz. In the conversation Tommy reveals that him and Ghost killed Lobos. Later, Greg pulls over Jamie and tries to persuade him to give up Angela as the leak. Jamie tells him that Angela would never help get someone murdered. Greg lets him go.

Greg Knox in Power episode 10

While hanging with Kanan, Tariq is asked to deliver a package to someone up the block. When Tariq delivers the package he is handcuffed and thrown in the back of a police car; Jukebox’s police car. Jukebox and her partner question Tariq and try to get him to give up the person who gave him the package. Tariq stays silent and then Kanan gets in the police car on the passengers side and laughs. Tariq passed his test.

Jamie breaks into Greg’s apartment, likely looking for the recording that he knows Greg has. He sees case photos and even Angela’s underwear in Greg’s bedroom. Angela then comes into the apartment but Jamie is able to hide. Angela leaves once she realizes Greg isn’t home and then Jamie flees through the window.

Later, Tommy approaches one of Milan’s henchmen who has been treated poorly by Milan since he started naming Tommy his apprentice. Tommy persuades the henchman to work with him.

After hearing the recording, Greg is sure that Angela is the leak. He invites Mike Sandoval over to his apartment to talk about the evidence he found and to let him know that they need to make a case against Angela. While Greg is explaining this to Sandoval he gets a follow up call about a lead he tried to follow up earlier. The lead was related to a tip that Sandoval claimed to receive about Lobo’s distribution meeting last season, but it was actually intended to be a decoy while Lobo’s was having the meeting at the real location. During the call, Greg is informed that the tip was never actually issued, and now he finally realizes that Sandoval is the real leak.

Greg questions Sandoval and Sandoval admits to cooperating with Lobos. He then tries to persuade Greg to flip it all on Angela so they can put this all behind them. Greg refuses to incriminate Angela and tells Sandoval that he has to take him in. Sandoval points his gun at Greg while he pleads with him to put the gun away. Sandoval lowers the firearm but as Greg tries to take the weapon from him, he fires a shot through Greg’s chin. He fires again at his chest, killing Greg. Sandoval leaves the apartment making sure to remove any evidence of him being there.

Jukebox Power Season 3 Episode 10

Later, Angela comes by Greg’s place as the body is being removed and gets emotional. The next day at work the investigation is concluded. They found Hugo’s burner phone in Greg’s apartment and they decide that the leak was Greg all along. They announce that the case is now closed. Later, Angela meets Jamie at The Diner. She asks Jamie of his whereabouts the day before. Jamie, who doesn’t know Greg is dead answers half truthfully. He mentions that Greg pulled him over, but doesn’t mention that he went to Greg’s apartment. Angela tells Jamie that the investigation is over and now she can’t see him anymore, as she gets up to leave, Jamie follows her and declares his love. Angela storms off without looking back. Angela goes to Greg’s apartment later and lifts open the window to get finger prints.

On the night of the party, we see Andre and his friends from the neighborhood enter the club through the back. Andre tells them not to shoot around all the important club guests. Inside the club we see Jamie speaking with Karen and her father, who are both pleased at the turnout. They present Jamie with a contract and he signs. Milan – who is lurking around – approaches Jamie after he signs. Milan tells Jamie that this will be his last night alive. Jamie then reveals that he’s outsmarted Milan in plain sight and invites Milan to look around the club. Milan see’s all of his henchmen surrounded by Andre’s crew and then Jamie points his own weapon at Milan. Jamie leads Milan out of the club where Tommy is waiting by his truck.

Ghost and Tommy get rid of Milan

They bring Milan to the warehouse and murder him. Now Jamie and Tommy are free to do as they please. As Jamie leaves to get back to the party, Tommy’s henchman approaches him and asks if he told Jamie that they’re still going to be selling drugs in the club. Tommy simply tells him that he won’t give Jamie a choice.

Once Tasha gets home from the party, she asks her daughter where her brother Tariq is. She mentions that Tariq is with his new friend Slim and Tasha asks who that is. She reveals that Slim is an old friend from the neighborhood who knew Shawn and Jamie. Worried, Tasha calls Tariq who is at Kanan’s apartment playing video games and sipping lean. He cancels the call but mentions that he should be getting home. He’s then falls asleep due to the potency of the lean given to him. Once asleep Jukebox uses Tariq’s phone to take a picture of him with Kanan’s arm around him. They send the photo to Tasha and demand ransom money.

Jamie is back at the club speaking with Karen and her father when Angela enters the club. He sees her and immediately excuses himself to go down and talk with her. Happy to see her, Jamie kissed her. Angela slaps cuffs on Jamie and tells him that he’s under arrest for the murder of Greg Knox. Jamie is shocked at Greg’s death, but is more hurt that Angela would do this to him on such an important night. Karen and her father look down at Jamie as he’s escorted out of the building in cuffs. The show ends with Jamie being put into the back of a police vehicle.

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