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Panel 2 Panel #2: Space & Time | Ivar, Timewalker vs Star Wars: Shattered Empire

Going live around 8:30pm central

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Disney’s partnership with Marvel, DC’s continued visual success, reboots of those two written worlds, and more have propelled these incredible works of fiction from fringe interest to pop culture heights. Image comics, Valiant, and more are reaping the benefits from a fresh audience and there are more options than ever for us to pick through. Panel 2 Panelis a collection of comic books fans that are in love with the medium and the opportunity to share opinions on popular books and lesser known titles.

CSJR (host of the Knights of the Turntable), Jeff Blaze, Red Panda, The Gray Son,  and Sky gather this week to travel space and time, focusing on Valiant‘s ongoing Ivar, Timewalker and Marvel‘s Star Wars: Shattered Empire.


Additional Topics:

  • Who’s your favorite Mutant?

  • Which comic company is impressing you the most right now?

  • Panel 2 Panel vs Throwdown

What are your opinions and thoughts on the show? Is there anything you want us to touch on in the next episode? Hit the comment section down below! Also, be sure to hit the Koalition Patreon to support the incredible content we put together! Much love!

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