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SPOILER ALERT: We will be talking about the latest episode of Power in depth, so beware of spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet.

If you’re reading this, then most likely you’ve just watched Power episode 3 of the 3rd season. This episode was titles “I Got This on Lock” and it was a very eventful episode.

It started off with a Pharmacy getting held up by a stick-up kid, who was accompanied by his friend. The friend doesn’t seem like he signed off on this robbery as he’s questioning his friend’s logic. A female police officer then pulls up to the scene and goes inside, immediately raising her gun. She then guns down both the store owner and the stick-up kid and puts the friend (who she knows) in the clear. She’s a crooked cop.

We see the officer go home to her girlfriend, who’s watching her very own handy work on a TV news report. She speaks to her girlfriend about the incident and then walks upstairs to check in on a sleeping (and injured) Kanan.

Tommy and Julio fill in Jae Shin on his rogue dealer

Then we see Jamie and Angela out running together, looking like a cute couple as always. The one man who would disagree on that is Greg, who happens to be watching them as they train together.

We then transition to Tasha filling in Holly and Tommy on the plan to launder their money, which involves buying and selling hair products and using LaKeisha’s Salon as a front.

Kanan is then seen awake and lying in pain as his “cousin” begins to put pressure on him to find out what really happened to him. He’s asking for his pain killers, but she’s reluctant to do so until he’s ready to open up to her. Shortly after the cousin’s girlfriend is trying to treat Kanan’s burns but she’s also trying to seduce him and again find out what really happened to him. Kanan mentions that it’s to do with Ghost, and he asks her for a sip of her ‘drink’, which happens to be Lean.

Determined to snatch a deal right from under his rival’s nose, Jamie interrupts an important dinner between his new club competitors and a property owner looking to open up a new club inside her property. Jamie introduces himself to Karen Basset as his competitors look on in annoyance. Later, Karen visits Jamie at club Truth and mentions that she will be monitoring both him and his competitors for a while before making a decision.

Tasha introduces Holly to Lakeisha in Power

We see Tasha introduce Holly to LaKeisha, who recognizes Holly as the one who stole Tasha’s earrings previously. She gives her a mean mug until Holly excuses herself to the restroom out of intimidation.

Julio learns that someone within the Triad organization is side-selling a watered down version of their product and informs Tommy. Later they visit the leader of the organization, Jae Shin, to let him know what’s going on. We then eventually see the leader punish his protégé by forcing him to chop off his own finger.

Tommy comes home and finds Tasha and Holly getting on really well, having fun and laughing after they’d previously been pulled over by the police. Tasha then reveals that Jamie has moved in with Angela permanently, and after she leaves, Holly suggests that Tommy go to Angela’s place to kill Jamie.

As Angela and Jamie are leaving their apartment together to go to work, she spots Greg spying on her from across the street. She urges Jamie to carry on his journey without her as she forgot something, then she makes her way across the street to confront Greg. They have a brief scuffle in which time she checks her handbag for her firearm but realizes it’s missing. Greg then shows her some old photos of Jamie and Tommy and puts it inside Angela’s head that Jamie is still mixed up in criminal activity with Tommy.

Angela and Greg in Power epsidoe 3

We then see Tariq get caught with the firearm in his backpack at school. At the same time, Angela is back in her apartment searching for the gun, but she can’t find it anywhere.

Jamie arrives at Tariq’s school, Tasha is already there waiting to speak with the headmistress. Jamie questions where Tariq could have found a weapon and begins to blame Tasha for leaving her weapon where Tariq could get it. They then get to sit down with the headmistress who tells them that the cops have confirmed that the gun belongs to an agent Angela Valdes. Tasha rolls her eyes at a defeated Jamie and then proceeds to slick talk the headmistress so that Tariq won’t be booted out of the school. She manages to keep Tariq at the school but agrees that he will be punished in some way.

Later the parents talk to Tariq at his home. Jamie asks for his phone and Tariq refuses. Tasha forces him to hand over the phone and he walks to his room. Tasha tells Jamie that this is his fault for separating himself from the family, revealing that it’s been hard on the children.

Later we see Kanan finally on his feet, observing his injuries in the mirror and looking for painkillers. Eventually he opens up to his cousin a little about what happened. Through her access to information as an officer she finds out that Shawn was killed and believes that Ghost killed Shawn. Kanan eventually owns up to killing Shawn himself and explains his reasoning. His cousin is accepting, and reassures him that he did the right thing.

Holly is seen in the restroom looking at a pregnancy test. Her body language shows that she’s been presented with a result she didn’t anticipate. She storms into the living room where Tommy is playing Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. She puts pressure on him to kill Jamie; likely because she doesn’t want to bring a child into a world where they’re in danger. Tommy receives a text message from Tariq, telling him that he’s ran away from home and needs someone to talk to. Tommy insists that this is important and leaves to go find Tariq.

When Tommy shows up to the place Tariq told him to, he quickly realizes that it was in fact Jamie luring him into a meet up. Jamie tries to persuade Tommy to work together to take down Lobos, but Tommy is dismissive. Jamie flat out asks him if he needs to worry about Lobos getting at him, Tommy pauses before saying “Goodbye”. A lingering look from Jamie suggests that he knows Tommy is trying to do Lobos’ dirty work.

To listen to what we thought of this episode, listen to our Powercast using either the audio player below or the YouTube video above. Be sure to leave your comments and let us know what you think of this episode, and what you believe may happen next.

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