The Co-op #44 – Our Playstation 4 Expectations

Host Edward V returns with myself and Editor-In-Chief Richard Bailey to offer our take on the past week’s events in gaming. It’s been a pretty interesting news week, so there were some very important topics to discuss, including the official release date for Grand Theft Auto V. The game will be releasing on September 17th 2013, after suffering a delay from being released this Spring. How you feel about this date? Listen to our opinions and let us know yours.

Sony have been teasing us this past week with their scheduled February 20th event. The general consensus is that they will be revealing the Playstation 4 (if named that) at the event. We discuss the politics and the logistics of Sony unveiling this new console this month. There are many questions to be asked when it comes to next gen platforms; such as When will they release? What games will they launch with? What new features will they have? Have they learned from their previous mistakes?

There’s a lot of questions to address, so listen to our discussion and let us know your personal feelings on the controversial topic. No doubt we’ll be discussing the next gen consoles in numerous podcasts to come.

Tomb Raider Playstation 4

In this episode we also discuss the fact that Tomb Raider will not be hitting the Wii U because the developers don’t want to create too much of a unique experience, instead they aim to make all versions of the game equal. Does this kind of reasoning hurt the Wii U?

We also briefly touched on the opening 30 minutes of God of War: Ascension, so find out what we think of the game.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments below, and be sure to share this episode on Facebook and Twitter! Look out for the Turn Based Podcast next week.

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