The Co-op Podcast #45: Why Sony Need To Change Their Controller Layout

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We return with our ‘pre-Sony Meeting’ podcast to discuss the latest in the gaming industry. Before Sony sends the media world in a frenzy this week we thought it would be best to record a show before, to get our final predictions out. Myself Edward V and Anthony Frasier chopped it up about a few different topics, such as the leaked images of the PS4 prototype controller. One of us felt like Sony should have changed the actual layout of the controller, find out who and why by pressing play.

We also discussed the new Bungie title Destiny, are they doing a good job promoting this game? Will it really have a ten year life-span?

Last of Us was delayed by Sony, but why? It is now releasing the week after E3, so was this delay perhaps a strategic move on Sony’s behalf? Do they plan to reveal something at E3 that will persuade more people to buy Last of Us?

Edward V also spilled the beans on what he thinks of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, so if you’re curious about the game listen to what he thinks, and look out for his review right here. All this and more on The Co-op Episode 45.

Be sure to check the site on Wednesday as we will be recording and posting a React podcast immediately following the Sony event. Anthony Frasier will be at the event live, and he may even make an appearance on the show to give his first hand experience.

It’s a good week to be a gamer.

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