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Captain America: New World Order Is a Paranoid Thriller; The Leader, Isaiah Bradley & More Return

Dana Abercrombie
After much speculating, the cast of Captain America: New World Order has been revealed out of Marvel’s D23 Expo. Anthony Mackie, who has played superhero Sam Wilson,...
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Dennis Haysbert And the Psychological Appeal of Hulu’s No Exit

Dana Abercrombie
Met Darby Thorne, a young woman who just wants to make it home to her family after receiving an urgent call. Enroute to her family,...
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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Gets Personal – The Growth of Sam And Bucky: Cast Interview

Dana Abercrombie
What happens after the war is over and our superheroes come home? What happens after the parades and the daily “thank yous” have dissipated? What...