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Jeff Kinney Was Excited to Add a Horror Element to Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever

Dana Abercrombie
There’s nothing like the holidays. Time with your family and the joys of presents. It just might be the reason why kids suddenly start behaving...
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Disney+ Celebrates Ahsoka Premiere with New Featurette

Dana Abercrombie
Today, Disney+ shared “Rebel Crew,” an exciting new featurette, to celebrate the launch of Lucasfilm’s newest series Star Wars: Ahsoka, which began streaming today with...
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Vacation Friends 2 Trailer Adds More Chaos and Steve Buscemi

Dana Abercrombie
When we last saw Marcus, Emily, Ron and Kyla the two couples worked through their massive differences and realized their friendship is something both partners...

LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest Trailer Transports the Disney Princesses to a Mysterious Castle

Dana Abercrombie
An exciting new adventure begins today with the release of the official trailer and key art for LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest. The all-new...

Disney+ Subscribers Will Receive Special Access to Star Wars: Ahsoka Merchandise on August 23rd

Dana Abercrombie
In celebration of the premiere of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: Ahsoka, Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. will receive special access to exciting merchandise on shopDisney from...

NatGeo’s America’s National Parks Sheds Light on America’s Lesser-Known National Parks

Dana Abercrombie
America’s National Parks season 2 is here with extensive looks into this country’s most beautiful, protected parks. Season 1 of the National Geographic series was released...