Huffpost Live Interviews Female GamerGate Supporters

The often (and unfairly) vilified movement gets explained and defended by prominent female journalists.

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For the last two months, the gaming industry has been embroiled in a battle between journalists and gamers. GamerGate has been painted as a movement to harass women in the games industry by not only the big gaming sites but by the mainstream news media as well. Though this is a small component of it (unfortunately), the GamerGate movement is in fact a consumer revolt against corrupt and pompous video game websites who hold contempt and scorn for their readers and viewers.

Though most of the people who support GamerGate (myself and this site included) are good and honest people who just want to play their games and talk about them with their friends, we’re being vilified as misogynist, homophobic, insular pieces of shit by the media. This is why videos like the one above are so important. Here, we see three prominent females in the industry–including former The Koalition member Jennie Bharaj–tell our side of the story to the world. This is the side which is often overlooked but it is what GamerGate is actually about.

I want you guys to see the video so I’ll refrain from getting deeper into this. However, I do want to end this by saying that we at The Koalition are a site which you can come to and not get talked down to. A site which talks about and celebrates games and gamers. This site is here for YOU. We don’t care if you play games casually or base your entire life on them. We don’t care if you’re female, male, straight, gay, black, white or purple… if you’re a gamer then this site is your home. We’re gamers here and we welcome all other gamers with open arms. This is the spirit of GamerGate and it’s ours as well.

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