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Jeezy & Janelle Monet Show Both Sides Of The “Sweet Life” [Music Video]

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While some may say that Jeezy’s latest album has come and gone, I think differently about it. To me, it’s criminally slept on and some of his best work since The Recession. “Sweet Life” is not only one of the standout tracks from Church In These Streets but also his latest single, featuring the multi-talented Janelle Monet.

In the video Jeezy shows us what may seem like his past as a kid and teen with clips of business Jeezy sprinkled in as well. It’s all done in a studio but the way each scene is designed tells a story that doesn’t make it boring like most studio shot videos have become. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, do yourself a favor and give it at least one spin. Snowman isn’t quite done yet.



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