Latest Far Cry: Primal Trailer is Full of Stone Age Savagery

Meet Takkar, your guide through this dangerous world.

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Far Cry: Primal is a game that I’m super excited about. It lets you ride mammoths and control sabretooth tigers, for crying out loud! It’s the Beastmaster game I’ve always wanted, basically. This latest trailer just makes me even more hyped than I already was.

We’re introduced to the main protagonist of the game, Takkar, and see the violent and unforgiving world he inhabits. This new trailer (thankfully) has been subtitled and we get a sense of what the story is. The people of the land of Oros are being invaded by a rival tribal group and have asked Takkar to help fend them off. This won’t be an easy task of course and Takkar must use all of his wits to help the Wenja people survive the onslaught.

Far Cry: Primal will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 23.

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