Street Fighter V Cinematic Expansion and Final Beta Detailed

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While Street Fighter may have the semblance of a story, it really doesn’t a proper narrative. It’s basically just loosely strung together plot points that give the illusion of a unified story. That seems to be something Capcom will be changing with the upcoming Street Fighter V.

This June, Capcom plans on providing players with a free Cinematic Expansion. This story will be set during the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III (SFIV being a prequel to SFIII) and provides details as to what transpired during that time. The story will be told with cutscenes using in-game graphics. Few details are known at this moment, but we do know it will focus on M. Bison and Shadowloo.

The core game will of course give each character their own storyline that unfolds as players defeat foes in arcade mode. Each story will have illustrations by Capcom artist, Bengus, who has worked on many games in the past. There are several new characters in the game so this mode is a great way to find out more about them.

With the game nearing its February 16th launch date on PC and PlayStation 4, one final beta will be held. The beta will be held from January 30th at 12:01 AM Pacific and will end on January 31th at 7:00 PM Pacific. It’s a relatively short beta so it would be wise to jump in as this will be your last chance to play the game before the official release.

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