Kojima Reveals Metal Gear Solid V Tokyo Game Show Preview

Kojima sure knows how to get MGS fans hyped up.

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Yesterday, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima teased Twitter (once again) with a possible new Metal Gear Collection which is due to be released this year. Today, on his Kojima Station vidcast, he showed a tiny slice of what we’ll see of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

The clip shows the sniper called Quiet as she jumps out of a helicopter, disappears in mid air and then re-materializes on the ground. The same dark substance that surrounds her eyes can also be seen as she disappears. This is obviously an ability of hers but how she is able to do this, and what technology allows her to do this, will be something we’ll have to find out later.

The other interesting thing about this trailer is the location that it takes place in. It looks very much like Big Boss’ Mother Base. Quiet isn’t alone as she is accompanied by a dozen or so soldiers. It could be that they are about to infiltrate the base. You would think that something of this magnitude would happen later on in the game but the fact that Quiet is introduced (we see her name appear as it does whenever any character is introduced in an MGS game) tells me that this is early in the game. However, this could just have been done for the sake of the trailer.

I do need to say one quick thing about the Metal Gear Collection. I find it interesting that it’s called the Metal Gear Collection and not the Metal Gear Solid Collection. What does that mean? Also, if this is for the current-gen consoles (or even last-gen) why haven’t we heard anything about this until now? The collection is slated to be released this year so I find it odd that we are only hearing about this NOW when the year is almost over.

With the Metal Gear Collection and this sneak peak of Metal Gear Solid V, it’s clear that Kojima is planning something big for the MGS¬†fans out there. As a uber fan of this franchise, you know I’ll be eyeing all of this intently when Tokyo Game Show beings later this month.

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