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Throwback Thursday: MC Eiht – Streiht Up Menace

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This week’s Throwback Thursday marks this week’s release of MC Eiht‘s “Keep It Hood” EP by looking back at what is widely regarded as his best known song – “Streiht Up Menace“.

Released in 1993, “Streiht Up Menace” was the lead single of the soundtrack for the infamous 1993 cult-hit film “Menace II Society“.

MC Eiht (who also starred in the movie as the character “A-Wax“) tells the story of the childhood experienced by the lead character “Caine“. He also recaps how he grew up, finished high-school and ended up living in a gang lifestyle on the streets of Compton. He then goes on to tell the story of Caine committing his first murder and how he struggled to cope with this on his conscience afterwards.

This isn’t the first time Eiht has followed this concept as Compton’s Most Wanted released the song “Growin’ Up In Da Hood” which was the lead single for the soundtrack of “Boyz n the Hood“.

The remix of the song is also featured in “Menace II Society” during the infamous drive-thru car-jacking scene. Who can forget the double-burger with cheese?

This week also isn’t the first time MC Eiht has featured in’s Throwback Thursday feature as we once revisited Compton’s Most Wanted‘s “Hood Took Me Under

During this time, MC Eiht was also in the middle of his bitter feud with fellow Compton-native, DJ Quik.

The “Menace II Society” soundtrack which was re-issued in 2004 is still available.

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