Polanco Plays – The Order: 1886

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Welcome to another episode of Polanco Plays. Each week I sit down and record myself playing a different game for you fine folks. Expect a lot of cursing, some rambling, and maybe a bit of insight every so often. This week, I play The Order: 1886.

In this video I play through chapter 5 of the game. As I play, I talk about what Ready at Dawn tried to accomplish with the game and if they succeeded. I also talk about the state of gaming these days and how gamers expect too much from developers. This video also shows off some of the game’s beautiful visuals (obviously) and some of the varied gameplay that can be found throughout.

I hope you guys enjoyed me playing The Order: 1886. Polanco Plays will be back next week with another random game I choose to record. If you want me to play anything specific that’s available on the PlayStation 3 or 4, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll play it. Provided I own it of course.

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