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Rayman Creator Unveils Wild for the Playstation 4

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There was nothing like seeing Rayman creator Michael Ancel on the Sony Gamescom stage, ready to announce his new exclusive project under his new studio, Wild Sheep Studios. From the moment we heard Ancel explain that you could play as any living creature in this world, human or not, we knew we were in for something special. Wild is an online survival adventure game. Devoted to the wilderness.

Wild puts you in a completely dynamic open-world, where humanity and nature are one. It’s not quite clear on what the ultimate objectives of the game will be, but when you’re dealing with a project this ambitious, who really needs objectives? This is art.

Wild is exclusively designed for the Playstation 4, and will fully utilise the technology, including its sharing features. To learn more about Wild from Michael Ahncel himself, be sure to pop over to the PS Blog to read his post.

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