Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 27: What Does Next Gen Really Have to Offer?

This week on Turn Based, we are trying out something very special and new. Since we upgraded The Coop with Google Hangouts webcam view, we wanted to upgrade Turn Based as well. Instead of copying The Coop, we want to do something a bit differently. Instead, we will feature gameplay of a game throughout the episodes for now on, so feel free to give a shoutout of a game you want to see us playing in a future episode!


For our discussion, we take a look a back at our growing backlog of RPGs, as well as the future the genre has to offer. As a semi-throwback episode, this time only Gary Swaby and I are chopping it up about all things RPG. Particularly, we discuss how the next-generation (or current generation, technically) of gaming hardware will effect the RPG genre moving forward. What exactly does it offer? Is it even really needed? What incentive is there to purchase a new console with large backlogs of games and more PS3/360 games on the horizon?

In this discussion, we touch on some of the games that we have missed out on this generation, games we plan to play soon and much more. It’s a relatively embarrassing episode for both of us. We also touch on the VGX nominations, as well as our personal picks for the best games and RPGs of the year. Check out the full details on the agenda down below:

New Show Format Details

What We’ve Been Playing

FFX/X2 HD Release Date (March 18th/21st US/EU)
VGX Nominations
Shadow of Mordor Revealed
Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review

Spotlight Discussion: What Does Next Gen Really Have to Offer?

Don’t forget to check out Astral Terra on Kickstarter! That concludes episode 27 of Turn Based, The RPG Podcast here at The Koalition. Please comment below with your thoughts on the topics discussed and let us know of any topics or games you would like for us to talk about on a future episode. Don’t forget to recommend different games for us to play for the gameplay videos during our show. If you would like to be a guest, please give a shout out down in the comments or shoot us an email over on our Contact page.

Thanks for listening and/or watching!

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