Xbox One Tips and Tricks From Major Nelson

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It has now been a couple of week since the Xbox One has launched, today Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has posted a video showing some tips and tricks for navigating the menus. Check out the video embedded above!

The video focuses on the Xbox One’s new Menu button, which has caused some confusion, Major Nelson explains that the button is context sensitive and can do different things to different types of tiles. Major Nelson also focuses on a few voice commands to ease your use of navigating the menus.

Reception of the Xbox One’s UI has been generally positive, although there are a few key things missing such as a way to see how much battery your controller has! Microsoft have promised to fix a lot of the problems people have had with the home screen, hopefully that doesn’t take too long.

Let me know in the comments if you are liking the Xbox One UI, what do you think is good about it? What could be improved?

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