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Since its initial launch back in November 2006, Nintendo Wii has dominated the consumer market and used motion technology to captivate audiences of all ages. After a successful E3 presentation, the powerhouse developer continues to lead the pack while Microsoft and Sony can only hope to copy their success. Here are a few strong reasons why this show stood out from the rest.

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Right from the start of the show, Reggie Fils-Aime stressed that a significant majority of Nintendo’s focus would be on gaming content. Somewhere along the line both Microsoft and Sony lost sight of that concept and decided to tap into the same motion market as their strongest competitor. Even though Sony managed to pick up stride in the last couple of months and is now neck-and-neck with Microsoft, the simple fact that both companies felt the need to get into motion gaming proves that they are more concerned about copying others rather then sticking to what got them success in previous generation consoles.

Nintendo however, set the tone by announcing a lineup on both Wii and DS titles starting from July 11th and going well into next year. The reveal of the new Zelda drew the biggest response from the crowd for the simple fact that it had to be the most anticipated title everyone knew was coming. The surprise of introducing a new Kirby, and Donkey Kong game also excited many and will instantly appeal to the longtime fans of each character’s respective series. Even the unveiling of an updated Goldeneye game with updated features proves that the developer is not only set on attracting hardcore gamers but is also making the conscious effort to appeal to everyone. Business strategies like these only prove that in the end Nintendo has won E3 because they fully committed to their hardware early on so they can focus all of their attention of crafting remarkable titles now.

3D Gaming and Beyond:

When it comes to exploring 3D gaming, Sony had made it a point in emphasizing their expertise in this market. The only problem with making this statement is that it puts pressure on the consumer to spend thousands of dollars on 3D Wide Screen Television just to experience the 3D games they will be offering in their lineup. Nintendo alluded to the poor strategy as being nothing more then a cash vacuum and promised a much cheaper solution to the problem.

The Nintendo 3DS presentation succeeded in showing the long-term plans that the developer has as far as bringing signature titles into the 3D realm. On the surface this device would appear to be a beefed up Nintendo DS but its much more then that. The inclusion of placing two cameras in the back will not only allows you to take pictures, but you’ll also have the option of taking 3D photos. This is all made possible because of the 3D depth slider located next to the 3.5-inch screen display. Another surprise is that there is a forthcoming announcement of the developer signing deals with major motion picture studious to release 3D movies on the device as well. When you add in the fact that they already have a launch title in Kid Icarus, and dedicated third party support in doing several key franchises (examples like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, etc.) then you have to believe in their dedication to maintaining consumers.

Chances are many of you may read this and think I’m either a Nintendo fanboy or exaggerating all they displayed, but it is the exact opposite. I never picked up a Wii before and probably won’t long after you have read this. However, the Nintendo 3DS has sold me mainly because I can see the long term potential for some great experiences. After getting some hands on time with the device, I can assure you that hype isn’t needed to sell this merchandise. Nintendo delivered in every way imaginable and I think it’s safe to say both Microsoft and Sony will be playing catch-up for quite a while.

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