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Here Yesterday, Gone Today – Remembering NBC’s The Village with Lorraine Toussaint

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Did you know, nearly 500 scripted series aired on US TV in 2019? While some live on to be very successful others are left by the cancelled wayside abandoned by viewers.

As a way to honor our fallen and forgotten shows of yesterday, The Koalition is looking back through a series of interviews of better times when actors were excited about their premiere.

Today, The Koalition takes a look back at NBC’s The Village featuring Lorraine Toussaint and Moran Atias.  

The Village follows residents of an apartment building in Brooklyn where “the people who reside in the building have built a bonded family of friends and neighbors”. Main characters are: Sarah, a nurse, who is living with her daughter Katie; Gabe, a law student, who helps his grandfather Enzo; Ava, an Iranian immigrant, who has a U.S.-born son and problems with ICE; Nick, a veteran, who is haunted by the past and also the father of Katie (unbeknownst to her); Ron, the super, and Patricia, a social worker, who are “the heart and soul of the building” The stories are described as “hopeful, heartwarming and challenging … that prove family is everything—even if it’s the one you make with the people around you. 

The first season of The Village consisted of 10 episodes which premiered on  March 19, 2019 on NBC. On May 30, 2019, NBC announced they canceled the series after one season.

Check out our interview with Lorraine Toussaint and Moran Atias below.

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