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BET’s Twenties Exclusive Clip Reveals Hattie’s Still Broke

BET’s Twenties is back and so are the complicated lives of Hattie (Jojo T. Gibb), Ida B. (Sophina Brown), Nia (Gabrielle Graham) and Christina (Marie); three best friends trying to navigate life while trying to figure out adulthood.

In the season two premiere, Hattie and Ida B. made their situationship even more complicated when Hattie declared Ida would make for a “beautiful bride” post-coital (oof) that would somehow involve Bishop T.D. Jakes as the officiator. To say Ida B. was clearly freaked out would be an understatement as she looked disgusted. She would then call Hattie a “child” after finding out they were in-between the sheets at Chuck and Marie’s house because Hattie is still technically homeless.

Meanwhile, carrying over from her doubts in season one, Marie is still unsure about marrying Chuck as she continues to bump heads with Ben, her co-worker. Solidifying her concerns, Chuck’s nighttime actions by the poolside reveal even more revelations about his backstory and allude to even more problems ahead for the “perfect” couple.

Watch the trailer for Lena Waithe's new BET show Twenties |

Lastly, Nia is determined to be the next biggest actress and so far she’s impressing Ida B. but there something preventing her from rising to the top; the lack of a social media presence. Now she’s slowly finding herself asking for people to like and follow her online. Who is this Nia and will she be consumed with asking people to like and follow her in hopes of rising to Hollywood’s top?

In celebration of Twenties, as seen in the video above, we have this exclusive season 2 epsiode 2 clip that gives a small insight to what’s going on with Hattie’s bank account. To learn more about the second season check our interview with the cast.

Twenties is an American single-camera comedy series created by Lena Waithe. The plot is semi-autobiographical and follows “a queer black girl, Hattie, and her two straight best friends, Marie and Nia, who spend most of their days talking ‘ish’ and chasing their dreams.”

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