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Xbox 20th Anniversary And The Green Lights

This November 15th Xbox will celebrate its 20th anniversary and they want to bring us back to the beginning, to the very first time they launched the console: November 15th, 2001. Are you going to celebrate with them? Then, take a look at this gear.

Xbox perks for the 20th anniversary

A few days ago, Xbox announced some accessories available for purchase to remember the old days. This is the list:

  • Xbox wireless controller

This controller comes in a translucent green and black with silver internals. It comes with improved ergonomics, better cross-device connectivity, a dedicated Share button, and reduced latency.

  • Xbox stereo headset

It also comes in the same colors as the wireless controller. As with previous versions, you can count on ultra-soft large ear cups and superb audio and chat quality. 

  • Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox

This is a perfect match for your controller as it keeps the same design for the 20th anniversary. It is just the same quality you find in previous charges with additional emotives to celebrate.

  • Xbox gear

You can complete this setup by getting t-shirts and hats with the logo for the 20th anniversary.

Xbox going back in time

As of today, Xbox has launched four generations of consoles. Let’s revisit them for the old day’s sake:

  • First generation

The very first time we got to see a console like Xbox. As said earlier, it was launched on November 15th, 2001 within the US. Funny fact, Halo 2 was the most sold game at the moment.

  • Second generation

Four years later, Xbox 360 showed up on November 22th, 2005, bringing a new fun way to play video games.

  • Third generation

This time, Xbox came up with three versions: Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X, all of them bringing a better game experience.

  • Fourth generation:

Released together on November 10th, 2020, Xbox S and Xbox X are the current consoles in the market with Call of Duty leading the sales!

20 years have passed and four generations of consoles we have had. By the way, the nostalgic green they used when the console first launched it’s being used for this 20th-anniversary collection. This green is called “Green Pantone” (hex code: #34A235).

Bring the green light to your room!

Isn’t this gear enough for you? You can go beyond that by setting your gaming room to give it an Xbox style. Just use the best LED strip light with remote control to create a green atmosphere in your room.

They are very easy to use and come with clear instructions to pave the way for you to get creative with your gaming room setup. These are additional benefits you can get from these lights:

  • RGB color changing that you can customize with a remote control
  • Strong sticky tape, easy to use with no expertise needed
  • Ultra-high brightness

For more lighting options, please check the Lepro website. And, of course, happy 20th anniversary to Xbox players!

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