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Gamer Guardians Podcast: Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion and Suicide Squad battlepass controversy. | Ep 102

We briefly chat about the Suicide Squad game sneaking in a battle pass and being live service. Todays main topic is Destiny 2: Lightfall and all their upcoming changes in the expansion on February 28th


 Hello everybody. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of Game of Guardians podcast. I’m your host, Danny Martinez, drunken guardian. We got our full cast today. Welcome back, boneless Bones, Kevin. Yeah. What’s going on? No, no. That’s not how you do it. No. No. Okay. Oh my God. What’s going on? Video. I’m here.

Lovely individuals. How are you guys? How are you, Randy? The It’s me. It is to me And Danny. Now we got Danny on camera. Sober. Sober guardian. Hey, he didn’t polish his head today. You’re not gonna week. He’s gonna polish. Polish it. Yeah. I didn’t shave this week. Actually you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you’re on camera.

You’re not paying attention. You don’t pay attention. Period. . Doesn’t matter if you’re on camera or not. This is like on camera. Sorry. . Can, can I be honest guys? I don’t remember us recording last week. Wow. Yeah. Oh, you, yeah. Oh yeah. You were drinking? Yeah, I was. I was. You were wreck. Yeah. Yeah. You were drinking.

He was. Oh, that’s nice. . Yeah. I I was telling my brother that, like, when I saw that you posted the episode and I was like, oh. So it wasn’t a fever dream. I actually . I was like, holy shit. Okay. I this is one that I actually do kind of wanna watch. I’m like nervous to like, you should listen cause you ranted big.

I know. No, I, I know that. I ranted at the very end. Fuck you sober. No, this is what I, I was like, no, I didn’t say that. I love you, . I love you. Oh God. I’m nervous. Like I love you, but fuck you. You’re listening gently. So, so I’ll invite into this party. I gotta, I gotta ask Kevin, since we didn’t have him last time, but what, what, what you’ve been up to, what you’ve been playing.

How are things? Well I told sober this early. I was playing with my master sword for like a couple weeks. Oh my God. . It’s been exciting. Done that, done, done that Patreon. Exactly. And only fan. It’s literally only fan. It’s one fan. Only fan . No, I’ve been playing, you know, usual I gotta take a shot.

Fighters. I’ve been playing. That’s hot. That was not a shot. That was a slurp. Yeah, no, it’s because it’s slurp juice that was right there. I’ve been playing I’ve been trying to get into playing Dark Souls too again, and Tales Ofo. But with Tail games, if you drop the game, that’s it. You don’t know where the fuck you are.

You either have to restart or find out, find somebody to help you out. . Yeah. A lot of those RPGs will do that. Sometimes they, like, if you forget the story or where you supposed to go next, you’re fucking lost for a while. Yeah. What about Randy? I’ve been honestly just playing destiny. I haven’t really done anything.

Take a shot. No, no, no. That’s

Yeah, no, I, I’ve really just been doing the whole season of the sheriff. I I like the levels, I like the weapons. I can’t care much about the story though. Really? Oh, thes story. Specific story, Sarah. Oh yeah. I, I told you guys, I didn’t even fucking finish witch Queen. I’m still two levels away from finishing it.

Yeah. So there’s that. But, but last season, season of Plunder, I loved that one. That, that was a really fun story for me. Like finish, like I paid attention at that one. Mm. It’s just a pirate with daddy issues. Pretty sure. And we thought it was silly, so pretty sure we didn’t pay attention to it. Well, you know, I did too.

Well. Yeah, of course you did Fucking anything with Laura, you’re just like, oh, here we. So I’m, I’m gonna educate everyone on stream. Yes. Actually, actually title titles are female . Oh yeah. Fucking the sober misgender over here.

Yeah. Leave it for the the white says Puerto Rican. So, so. All right. So we are gonna talk about destiny today. Today’s a destiny episode cuz they bungee. Bungee. I’m not gonna take a shot every single time I say it. . Yes. You’re so every five times. So they, they bungee has. Left us with a lot of news to talk about all the changes that they’re gonna make for the next expansion that comes out on February 28th.

We’re all gonna be playing it, so I wanted to talk about the news and, and everything, and I’m sure we’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll have some side notes about a bunch of other shit that involves destiny. But the first thing I wanted to talk about, first to get out the way, is a little bit of controversy that’s going on with the Suicide Squad.

So with Rock Steady specifically, they’ve been marketing the game and we’ve seen a little bit of gameplay footage. They talked about the game a little bit. For the most part, everybody just thought this was gonna be a fun four player co-op shooter brawler ish type of game. But now there’s a, a, an image that leaked that shows that this game might possibly have a battle pass and that it, there’s microtransactions and it might be a live service game, which is something that Rock City kind of failed to mention.

And a lot of people are kind of giving some backlash about it because this is kind of like some underhanded type of type of thing to kind of sneak in there. They didn’t wanna mention it. So what do you guys think about that? Because I, I, I don’t appreciate them not saying anything about it. I don’t think it bothers me too much that it has it in there.

It just would’ve been nice that it was more known, so you can know what to expect. I kind of feel like that’s kind of like a sheisty type of type of deal that just went down. Got it, got it, got it. I appreciate, I dunno, I, I, I had no clue what the game was anyway. Yeah. I still question what the fucking game is.

So I had no expectation that it was supposed to be, I still don’t know what this fucking game is. I don’t know exactly what it is. What kind of game this is gonna be. I mean, to me it’s a lot of questions. So the fact that they have a battle pass now it’s like, okay, well will they have other characters you play as well?

They see more characters. You play suicide squad. Yeah. Can I be You know, like, I don’t think so. How many times do you have to purge

Will you play up, man? Do you only see it? Your mom? Like, that’d be awesome. . Everybody’s character model’s. Just the mom. . That’s awesome. . But this, it just makes more, to me, it’s just more questions. I’m not mad, I’m not upset because I’m just disappointed. I’m just disappointed. Yeah. That’s the way that I’m proud that as a fa, as a father of like 20 , he has to pay that

I’m not, cause again, I had no clue what to suspect anyway. So I’m like, it’s not like they promised me, if they would’ve promised me this is gonna be the next Batman game and then it’d be some battle pass by way. Hold on. That’s weird. I You agree. Just trying to be greedy. I, this is fucking Akm nights, but it’s not.

I’m suicide squad. Do you think it’s gonna end up being kind of like Aram nights? Even though it’s by the people that did the, the, the actual Batman games. I mean, that’s what I would like it to be. I would like to be like an ACOM for Player ACOM Knight. But I feel like it’s not, I feel like they’re trying to make their own thing and I don’t know if a battle pass, it just kind of proves it more, I don’t know.

Proves it that what? That it proves it more that they’re gonna make it not Arc Knight, I guess. I don’t know. I I, I, I just feel kind of iffy about it. Like I, I’m okay with it having this stuff cuz I think it’s a smart business move cuz. You could put a, a, a crap ton of skins, lots of cool looking skins and stuff like that for like the weapons, the, the, the characters.

Of course, maybe even in the future, they’ll have extra characters that you can buy. Battle pass, maybe even e moats, like I’m assuming like maybe with the battle pass it’ll be like e mos or something. If it’s gonna be four player co-op, of course they wanna throw in some stuff like that so people can like, fuck around and, and like emote with each other.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m just, I’m just throwing ideas. I have a question. You, did you just say emote? Emote? What’s that? Emoting. Emo second. Emo

I was trying my hardest to be like, is he saying emotes, , emotes. Emotes? It’s like, yes. So it’s, it’s Ebonics not Ebonics like that. That’s how Kevin gets it. . Yeah. It’s literal. Not literally. Literally. that. Literally. Literally. Oh yeah. Not for real, for real. Before you first than you . Oh, shit. What do you guys, what do you guys think?

Hold on. I got, I got my thoughts when I saw the image of it. I like, it’s like, like sober said earlier, I kind of didn’t know what kind of game it was. I just knew it was gonna be a Fourplay game. So then kind of saying like, I mean it being like having a battle pass and stuff like that, I’m just curious, is the game gonna be free?

And then if not, The game itself? No. Yeah, no, no. It’s, it’s not gonna be free. So then I’m like wondering, what’s the battle pass gonna hold? Like, does, is it gonna change the game? Because it could be like, I don’t know if you guys were like, knew about, I felt like I had heard of the game, but the game is te is not great.

But it’s not bad. It’s like somewhere in between. It’s called Let It No, let It Die. Let it. Oh yeah. Definitely. I bet. I bet you that game is in my STEAM library and I don’t even know it. Yeah, it’s it’s on Place Station, isn’t it? It’s, yeah, it’s free. Mm. Yeah. It’s from the guy that made no more heroes. I, I feel like I’m, yeah.

No more heroes Wrong. Yes. Killer. Killer seven. Killer seven. Yeah. All those syl over the top games. It’s pretty much that. The thing is for that one, the paywall is installed in the game cuz to progress you have to like, You have to, you have to let your character die and you have to purchase like the next round to allow it to continue.

And if you wanna, shit, is it, it’s not implied, but this is the thing too. It’s like I don’t, I don’t see anything wrong with battle passes being part of games that are free. Yes. Destiny, for example, league Legends. The, those games, they do have battle passes, but they’re free Apex, same shit. Mm-hmm. . If if they want you to pay a whole, that’s free.

not it’s free. There we go. It’s free. It should be free. It should be free garbage. It’s free to play. It’s, it’s funny. Ran last week. It’s into it. Randy? Yes. Okay. I remember that. I, I feel like if you guys feed me information, I’m just gonna slowly piece together everything that I spoke about . It’s like, it’s like blackout memory.

Like when you get so fucked up that you only, you gotta get fucked up again to remember what you did or say. I also said there’s, there’s also said they showed a tab for load outs too, which I think is, yeah. Well I feel like a lot of games should have though. RPG should have load. Just we we’re talking Suicide Squad.

Yes. Yeah. Oh, okay. Suicide Squad has lot apps, which is funny cuz it took Destiny Fucking what? 10 years? 10 years. Fucking ridiculous. . You can have lot up in destiny. They’re gonna have lots in light. Oh, they’re going to have, okay. Okay, bro. So you can do Loadout now. Using dim. That’s what I use. Yeah. To make my Loadout Dim is a third party app.

Yeah, that’s a third party app. What’s it stand for? Destiny Item Manager. Ooh, . Anyways. Oh, I get it because light dim. That’s clever. That’s no. Can I just go for No, I get it. I get it. I don’t think that was, I don’t think that was on purpose. That wasn’t egg. It was before now though. It was way before the light fall.

Bullshit. Because it’s the light and the darkness dim. It has, I think you’re dim right now. . Anyway, fuck off. But it’s just Destiny Item Manager. Yeah. , sometimes I do it on purpose. So before we, before we get, before we get back into Destiny does. No, no, I’m, I’m gonna continue my point. Okay. Like for free games, like the whole, the whole what is it?

Battle Pass. The Battle pass. That, that’s fine if you don’t have to pay for the game initially, but if, like suicide Squad, it’s like, oh, give us $60, give us $80 for fucking whatever the hell like edition that we’re gonna give out. And you still have to pay on top of that for the season passing shit. Like for, it’s completely optional if you wanna fucking participate in, in the syrup season.

Right. You could do it normally, but you don’t necessarily need the, the DLC and shit to, to continue if I’m not mistaken. Right. Like I don’t need fucking forsaken to do anything for Sarah or any of, of such. Don’t think so. No. Like everything is, is optional. When, when the game is free in of itself, you don’t have to buy the pass, but you can if you want the extra shit.

Yeah. And that’s totally fucking fine. But I refuse to pay $60 for a whole fucking game and well, I’m sure the battle pass for this game, it will be op Oh, excuse me. I’m sure it’ll be optional also. It’s al but the question, but the question is, it’s the battle pass from Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t, it was optional.

The question, the question with that though, $90 for a fucking skin. Yeah, yeah. But the, the question with that though is that because it’s a, because it’s a paddle pass and it’s optional though, some people and, and including me, I would worry about the quality of the actual game because they’re gonna rely on these, like this extra income in order to make the game better.

Yeah. Another thing that could go really bad is that they could do the battlefront to kind of ordeal that pay to win stuff. Yes. Yeah, it’s like they’re, they, I feel like they might brick wall. You now kind of like make the game purposely difficult and then you have to pay to get items to make your character better in order to progress in the story or to do certain events and shit like that.

Yeah. What game? You said you just referenced Battlefront Battlefront. Two Star Wars. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Not, not the good PlayStation, the shitty They version, they had a lot of, it was really quick. They, they they backlashed on quick and they, they reed against that really fast, so. Well, I mean, yeah, as of right now we don’t know how it’s gonna be exactly.

It’s kind of just, but I think most game, yeah, I think most game developers learn that, that pay a win system doesn’t work well. They damn sure haven’t learned to release a game finished. Oh, that’s different . So, I mean, you’re, I think you’re giving them too much credit is what my point is, is that you’re saying, oh, you think that the developers are learned.

Some of them don’t learn. What you learn. . Kevin, did we hear from you about your thoughts on it? What Did we hear your thoughts on it? Jesus. No, . Sorry. Listen, I haven’t been here in a couple weeks. I’m kind of new to this . It’s his first time. Be Gentle . No, it was like, it was, I think it was you, you guys did hear my, my thoughts.

Cause I was saying that it’s just like, it’s the same thing that Sober was saying earlier. And what is that sound in the background? Oh, it’s that . It’s, I think it’s an echo. Probably me. Yeah. It’s you . Yeah. Okay. No, that it, I hope that the game is good playable, you know, regular de surface level stuff, but I hope that it’s, it’s honestly not like, let it die.

And there’s a reason why I’m saying that is because the games combat style is kind of weird. Like it doesn’t, it’s very janky and things like that. And then they use the. The battle pass or the yeah, the battle pass system to be able to progress. So it’s not really paid to win, but it’s paid to. It’s paid to win.

Like, and it’s not directly paid to win like in your face, like you have to buy it, but it makes your life a little bit more easier if you pay for it. So that’s why I don’t want this game to be like that. And I honestly don’t want it to be like Marvel’s Avenger cuz Marvel Avenger, the grinding system. The crafting system, it was like abysmal.

It was unnecessarily amount of time to get one piece of armor. It felt like you would take months to get one fucking piece of armor. Hmm. But yeah, you bought that game? Oh no. I watched my brother play and I was watching him suffering and he watch that game. Yeah. You guys spent money uhhuh that piece of shit.

I didn’t pay for it. I just watched him. It wasn’t on my system. So I was like, don’t play that shit on my blood station. Or I don’t, don’t infect it now. Don’t infect it. I’ll throw my whole PlayStation out. But yeah, I just hope the game is good. It’s, it’s so, like they, I don’t know how they dropped the ball on these type of games.

It’s so simple to just be like, if you want to pay to win, that’s fine, but don’t make it, don’t put it in my face. Like, oh yeah, you have to take this. You have, it’s, it’s, it makes it easier to get 20 hours to of grinding and free experience and all that shit. I was like, don’t give me that. Yeah. Like, just make it, like, if I wanna purchase it, I can purchase it.

If I don’t wanna purchase it, I don’t want to purchase it. It’s that simple. Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see how it goes. I probably still end up playing the game, but I, I, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more backlash in the future if they don’t really acknowledge it. Cuz all I’m hearing is almost nothing from Rock City about it.

So we will see. So moving on, as for Destiny, take a shot. Destiny two, take a shot. Shot Light Fall is coming out February 28th. What game is this again? Destiny. . Take another shot. Destiny. Destiny. Serious. . Damn bro. Just have the whole bottle. He’s at four right now. So, so, so it’s coming out, it’s coming out February 28th.

I’m gonna pretty much ask for the week off. I’m gonna be playing that game. Game Swifty. I see. And oh wait, Bunge here. Bungee. Yeah. No, that’s not leap year. No. 29. Okay. Yeah. Fucking month. Sorry, you guys are throwing me off now. Bungee, bungee has announced a lot of information about the game.

They, they released a lot of gameplay footage. What we’re expecting story-wise. I just wanna talk about pretty much the expansion, all the news that they talked about. We could talk about, Laura, if you want to, we could talk about the story that’s upcoming and things like that. For the most part, I think one of the biggest things that we mentioned just before this show for those of you who don’t know, light fall is going to be the second, second to last expansion that’s gonna be coming out for Bungee.

And they’re pretty much finalizing the whole light and dark saga that they’ve been planning for the, for the past 10 years. So that’s gonna be ending next year with the final shape, which is that final expansion. But for light ball right now, they’re making a lot of new changes kind of like more quality of life type stuff for the players.

One thing, for example, like I said, we mentioned before, the show is load outs. We’ve been asking for load outs since Destiny one. Since the beginning, like, like, pretty much. So that way we can equip things on the fly quickly whenever there’s a situation that’s in, in need of particular classes and, and, and builds and things like that.

So they’re finally coming out with things like that. They’re allowing us to equip mods a lot more easier for all the weapons and all the armor. They’re allowing us to upgrade stats and stuff like that a lot more easier. So building your character would be a hell of a lot more customizable in the future.

They’re also introducing new supers. They’re introducing a new planet, which is Neptune and a new city on Neptune. They’re introducing new characters. It’s not a new planet. The planet’s already there you go, underneath the planet.

Actually, actually Neptune has already been there. just dated in the back. Fuck . Next. Keep going. Yeah. Impressions, thoughts, ideas. What do you like? What do you don’t like? Danny, you had some stuff to say about the load outs. Load outs are cool. Can’t wait. and, and that’s been weather with sober next? No, the loadout system is something that the game needed for a long time.

There’s so many different builds you can do. I have like, I mean, I, I was playing you guys and I did three different builds. I did the ice one, the poison and my solar. Yeah. Like, you know, it, it takes using the DIM manager does help, don’t get me wrong, but you can only use the dim manager, the, the dim when you’re.

in space or not actually doing an activity so you can’t change in the fly, which like, I wish I could use that when I was doing that dual done because I like to have my solo for the first one, the solo for the first one, or just more poison for the second one and more, you know, like just, I, I would have it need three different load outs for just that raid alone, dungeon alone and yeah.

And there are a lot of rays that I like that he tried to switch his mic. There are a lot of , there are a lot of rays that you need that that’s perfect . So again, it’s just a fun, it’s just a function of life that people do a lot of third party things to use and they’ve been doing it for a long time.

The looking l f G that they’re gonna implement, not yet, not right away, but it is, it will be implemented within the season. , there’s another factor. It’s just very similar. It’s just something that people already do and use, but via third party app. So it’s like why? If you know they’re doing it, you know they’re using it, just implement it into your game.

And yeah, there might be some logistics behind it, but I’m pretty sure you can copy most of what it is. It’s not like science rocket, but you know. Mm-hmm. . So the Loadout system. But I think also to make the loadout system easier, cuz them just tend to fuck up a lot, is they’re changing some of the wells, they’re changing the items they’re taking away, they make it a little more simplistic so that there’s less to fuck up when you go to switch load outs.

It’s what I. But I don’t know for sure and I think they wanna make it faster. So it’s almost instantaneous to switch. And if you ever did dim it, just take a few seconds for it to change. Yeah. And again, you can’t change in a certain thing, so like, I guess they want you to be able to go, oh fuck, I’m in a raid, or I’m in this, let me switch Jesus Fucking Christ.

Kevin, what’s up? I’m messed up. Alright. Yeah. Okay. Randy, what about you? About load outs? I’m actually pretty excited about it. I, I was a little bit annoy most of the time. I tend to keep the weapons that I like need on me at all times. Like I’ll have I should mention with the load outs cuz if you’re saying that you’re keeping like the weapons that you always like or need at all times, you don’t even have to have ’em with you to set up a loadout.

They can come straight outta your vault now. Mm. Oh, okay. That’s even better. That’s a whole lot better because what I do is let’s say for sheriff, right? I, I love to use the, the stasis bow, Luna, whatever the fuck is called Luna. Mm-hmm. and I, I have it with headstones, so I tend to like, do ad control and I’ll just like snipe everything from far away, keep stasis crystals and then shatter them all when it comes time to like, have to break a shield, right?

Like, that way, like all the ads end up just blowing up. I only do that for sif, so I go into my vault and then I take it out once I once we get to the final boss. And then from there it’s just like that, having to go into the app, it’s a little tedious having to switch into a certain weapon for a certain thing.

It’s a little tedious. Like it’s just, yeah, I’m on PC and everything boots faster, but to open up the inventory, it, you know, still loads a bit and then I gotta click it. Then I gotta make sure it equips. Then I gotta, I just. , it’s like four seconds of just annoyance for me personally. But the loadout seems it’ll make it a bit quicker because then it’s just like a whole shift of whatever the fuck it is, because it’s, it’s gonna be armor and weapons.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, fucking neat. Awesome. Yeah, when I had to do iron banner and Sarah shit, I had iron banner gear specifically for points. And it wasn’t really supplemental to how I played, but it would just be, again, for points and then I would have to switch it back to my like normal standard fucking loadout.

Yeah. It’s not even just that, it’s also mods as well, like mm-hmm. , like you can, you can have like, yeah, you can have out like five load outs of the same exact things and only the mods would change if that’s what you wanted. That’s perfect. The modules are changed too, because that’s cool. Cause I also am switching out between the, the solo flight thingy that increases damage if you’re the only person in your fire team.

And then for the gauntlets, I keep switching it from the one that increases your grenade distance and also, , the one that gives me melee energy when I get, like, damage with grenades. And then I have to switch it back to like the pulse rifle and the hand cannon overload and unstoppable bullshit.

Yeah. That’s like doing it, it’s just like it takes time. It’s not that, it’s like no, impossible to do. It’s just, you know, those 10 fucking seconds I could, I could be doing fucking something else. I’m assuming, and the thing is, can you’ll be able to, you’ll be able to set, okay, this is my nightfall setup.

I know I need unstoppable, blah, blah, blah, whatever. This is my nightfall setup. This is my GM setup, this is my, I just wanna fuck around and poison people set up. Like there’s a lot of, I have, I have a lot of, I have a lot of those. I, I really do. I I have a lot of setups. I have like, I probably have like 12 different setups.

So you’re essentially creaming yourself at this next expansion then? Well, yeah, because again, and I’m not the only person with how excited he is, it’s a lot of people who do that. You see it in his face, having one bill, there’s so many ways to play the game. . Yeah. It’s just so, so many ways to play the game, but to me it gets boring.

Just doing the same spec over. I know, it’s, yeah, I switched out was my favorite. But, you know, you know, I’ll tell you to be honest, I, the game was getting very stale for a long time. And what made things better was when they started acting adding the Danny, what do you call them? Like were you, were, you were trying to earn for stasis or the perks?

Perks. All the perks for the stasis builds the aspects. So like all the aspects and stuff. When they started adding those things for the classes and, and, and they, and they changed up solar void. They changed up. Yeah. Yeah. They did the solar arc and, and void 3.0 things got so much better and there were so many new builds that you could make just because of that.

Like, that was probably the biggest thing that revitalized destiny when it comes to like, you know, actually playing the game differently. But Kevin, there’s a lot of like different, well built all types of con wells. War mines. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Orbs straight to the orbs. Yeah. Kevin, so I know you don’t really play, but have you heard anything about life or have you read anything about it?

Like, is this something that’ll make you want to go back to it? I’m actually trying to play it right now. As we speaker , you’re, you’re updating right now, right? Take that shit off. . Come on man. I’m sick. that that’s not what we mean by wearing a mask. I got this weird ass haircut. . Nah, it’s I’m, I’m looking forward to playing it.

It was prior to the d c flight fall cuz I was talking to you guys about specific gun sets, like, poisoning. Oh. Mainly poison setups. Yeah. Snow over here. The poison, because you guys are fucking degenerate. Oh yeah. No, everything dies. Exactly. Why fight if you could just watch it die from a far distance?

I’m not gonna, I mean I’m no better because it’s just, it’s burn on my aspect with some racers. Mm-hmm. throwing constant grenades. . Yeah. So if, if you’re burning them and I’m poisoning them, they’ll be all, you know what, what’d you do with Neil Poison and bleed? No, that was that was eldering Eldon ring.

No Eldon ring. I was poison and bleed. Yeah. And then I went frost bleed and then I went frost poison. Cause you can’t run God. And Neo was mainly poison fire, but. I wouldn’t really get into the crazy wacky builds that you can do in Destiny too, because I only played it for a little bit and I felt like I didn’t do it justice the first time I played it.

So I’ll give it like maybe 40 hours before I get burnt out. 40 hours, maybe 40 hours. This is, hey drunk. You wanna know how, how many hours I have in Destiny right now? How much since, since I started? How do you know that? Steve tells you. Yep. 319.7. So almost 320 hours and that, and that’s less than a year.

Yeah. But that’s crazy. This, this is what you’ve done . This is, this is me actually getting into the game. It could have easily been at just like, yeah, I’ve been on point of like 110, maybe 70 hours. Yeah. That’s funny. And I got titles. Got the Gilded Star Baker . The what, what else? Kelly Wag. Ands They made one of your titles, I’m not sure if they’re doing it yet, or they’re making one of the titles, ed for a gambit.

It used to be you have to get like 50 wins and not Yeah, 50 wins in gambit and now you just have to play 50 times and wins gave you more points towards it. That makes sense? Mm-hmm. Lay like Gambit, but he likes Gambit. Randy likes Gambit. I do want Gambit. No, there’s also, there’s a, there’s a bartender in the market that I work at that he also plays Destiny at his thing is fucking hilarious.

It’s a brand new Air Force’s Delta. There we go. Like the, the name. So it’s like, do you know how like the adept item comes for trials of a Cyrus? Mm-hmm. brand new Air Forces , but. Yeah, no. Like he, he tells me about like what he enjoys doing and whatever. Fuck. And he’s like, oh, so how do you feel about like gambit and whatever.

I’m like, dude, it, I fucking love it. And he’s like, silent for five seconds. He goes, why ? I’m like, cause it’s fun. I’m like, I, I enjoy the, the chaos of like invading the game and like fucking them up. And then like, meanwhile we have our own thing. Like it’s, we’re doing, we’re, it’s two separate teams doing the same exact thing except that we could sabotage them.

And he goes, I don’t know man. Like, it’s just, I don’t find it fun. And I’m like, but it’s good. So I’m gonna have to talk to you about this poison belt. I’m gonna your expertise on it. I’ll send, I’ll send Gotcha. So some of the changes that they are gonna be for lipo, which is interesting. So, you know, the, the element of ordinance and.

Oh, sorry. You know, elemental Wells. Elemental Wells are going away. They’re not gonna be, they’re not gonna have ’em anymore. Yeah. They’re replacing them. Anything that has an elemental well is gonna be, instead it’s gonna be orbits of power. So everything is gonna be orbs of power. Yeah. So it’s ORs of power gonna work the same way that the Elemental Wells Oil , which is gonna be interesting cause there are a lot of builds right now, especially, I have one with my elemental, well with my solar, I throw a grenade, they kill somebody.

I, I get like five of ’em pop out. Yeah. 35 . So, which helps me get my grenade back right away. Now they’re gonna be changing that and a lot of it is, I don’t know if it’s, if it’s gonna give you grenade energy, the O power are gonna give you grenade energy like it used to, or ability energy or if it’s just gonna get you super.

So they haven’t explained that yet. , which is, should be interesting, but all the mods that are towards wells will now say, or power and vice versa. And they’re getting rid of warm mine cells, which I know Randy probably doesn’t even know what that is. The warm cells. . Yeah. Whenever you kill the cabal, you ever seen like orange balls that just like, like, like pop out of like some enemies when they die?

Mm-hmm. , I’ve seen, I’ve seen blue purple and, and you know the solar ones like those? I know that what the elements are. No, no. Not the wells. It’s like a, it’s like an orb. Yes. Those are warm mine cells. Shoot them. Yeah, you could shoot them in any explode. I’ve seen them. Yes, I’ve seen those. I didn’t know what the fuck they were.

Yeah, I have shot them and it just does stuff. Yeah. So, so remember, remember the remember the the season that I was telling you about where, where bungee failed with that event? So Resing Resing was, was, were we talking about that with, with Randy or was that Dakota? Danny? Just dunno. Oh, it was with Dakota.

I’m sorry to no, Dakota, my buddy Fanning No . So, so, alright. So there was a an event in the past, I don’t remember what, what the, the season was called, but we were ha we had to power up, power up Rasputin, like missile silos. Yeah. We had to power up his missile silos and they introduced a new perk called War Mine Cells.

That what? Oh, perk. A new what? A new perk. Perk. Perk. That called, they were called War mind cells. And, and, and people thought that they were, it was just for that season and people liked it a lot actually back then. So they, they ended up keeping it. So now we still have it like for like the past year maybe, maybe more.

And it’s all types of like, you kill somebody, it pop in, warm mine and explodes It more, explodes more warm mind. It’s like they have all types of bull. Yeah. Builds towards the warm mine south, but they’re getting rid of that altogether. I guess. It didn’t work out as much as they planned. So they’re getting rid of that.

They’re also getting rid of all the elements on the armor. So you know right now you have a solar piece or whatever. They’re getting rid of all that. They’ll be defaulted to nothing, which makes it easier to put the mods, because the mods are not gonna be specific towards an element anymore. You can have it, you just put a, if it’s a head piece ornament, it can go in the head piece.

That’s it. So you can put ’em wherever you want. So, which, which helps a lot because, yeah, like I have, I have like three sets of fucking helmets that I had to get for each, for each build, you know, because you have to go and get your stasis fucking helmet and in order to get the stasis mods that you want to use.

So even though you’re not doing a stasis build, , so they eliminated that. So it makes, it’s, they dumb it down the way the mods work a little bit. Mm-hmm. just to make it a little easier. And, and I think they’re doing that so that their load out feature, it’s easier to switch over. Ah, they don’t have to switch the element as well, because that’s what the DM feature then actually does that sometimes for you, if you have the, like, if you have the upgrade modules, upgrade modules, it’ll automatically switch it for you.

But it’ll, it’ll use, it’ll ask you, and it’ll use the, the, your upgrade modules. So to eliminate that, having to use your resources automatically without almost telling you, they’re just okay. It doesn’t cost you any resources. Switch because we don’t have any elements on ’em anymore. Does that mean, so so that, does that mean we don’t have any elements anymore on the armor itself also, or just the mods?

Correct. Not on the armor itself. On both. The armor has no, El has no elements on them. Yeah. I never understood why they did that. Having so having like a lot of people have like three sets of the same fucking armor of the same type. Like the Yeah. Bond we were trying to get. Yeah. They’ll have three of ’em and now people are gonna be like, oh, these are all gonna be junk.

Like they got, people are gonna have a lot of junk armor. Mm-hmm. they’re not gonna need at all now really will be. It is just the best stat period. Okay. I’m gonna use it. Yeah. You know? Mm-hmm. . So that’s, I found out, I found out to be really interesting doing that and. The biggest, like to me, the biggest change, the change in the way.

I don’t think Randy has done any legendary or night Legendary nightfall yet. Or Grand Master? No. Or well, yeah. Master. No Master. I’ve just done up to Hero. Okay. The second difficulty or whatever the fuck. Yeah. So they have everything else, equipment lock, and it takes off matchmaking, heroes. Like that’s where matchmaking kind of goes.

So I could do the nightfall that I’m make, like I have access to up to hero. Well, in the future you’ll be able to use L F G. Yeah. Which, I mean, technically you could still do it on the app. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve used the app. I’ve used app all the time, but now it’s gonna be, now it’s gonna be in game.

Implemented into the game. Yeah. See, this is my thing though, personally. I know that I had mentioned this, I remember talking about Destiny and how. better with friends and shit like that. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I, I can’t be fucked to ever do like, like pugs, like pick up groups. Like I, I know me too. I’m, I don’t, I don’t, I’ve never had a problem with that.

We have spoken about this in a previous episode before. Yes. Me and Danny, like for the longest time, I would not, since part of why data’s always ahead of me, because I wouldn’t get into a pug group to do a dungeon by myself. Yeah. I just, I wouldn’t have to do it. I don’t like people. I, I actually don’t like getting it to, I’ll get into with Danny and I’d be like, fuck, I’ll text him this fucking guy, this annoy the hell out of me.

He’ll be like the nicest fucking guy. Just have a weird voice or something. Just, I’m just, I don’t like people. But it took me a long time to get to, to do LFGs and finally like, I just started doing it my own. And I’m like, all right, just, I need to do this master night fall, or I need to do something real quick.

Let me just figure this shit out. But it did tell me, yeah. At the very least, you could have done a lot of activities that didn’t even require talking. Just avoid the dungeons and the raids. Yeah. That’s what I realized. I always put no mics, like, I don’t wanna talk to you. Mm-hmm. , I really don’t. , I always put no mic in everything I do.

Yeah. Cause fuck that. I don’t, I don’t want, I’ve never be like, never have I had problems with that. Like, I understand, I understand that you’re doing it. I understand that some people are doing it like yes, antisocial thing. I can’t really argue with with that. But like if it’s just the fact that like you’re trying to avoid like toxicity or like assholes or, or annoying people.

I’ve never had that problem. Like I’ve worked with, I’ve played with children before that, that maybe, that maybe toxicity. I’m trying to avoid my toxicity towards others . So that might, you know, actually I as asshole. So no, cause I say something form of chat. I, I have to hold my tongue cuz then it’s, I always have some shit to say and let attest to this one.

I like, fuck this. We were doing, we were doing a nightmare, right? Mm-hmm. . And it’s like, if I’m ever playing by myself and we’re just on the phone, like she’ll hear me just like get upset about like just some asshole not doing what the fuck they need to do. And. . I, I’m, I was just like, you know, I’m kind of getting it out.

So at that point, like, what the fuck ever, I don’t have to say or type anything or like directly interact with them, but we were doing the Nightmare Heist and this one dude essentially just fucking akd. So we’re doing everything and he’s still getting the rewards. He’s still getting pulled and he’s still getting thrown into the mixing shit.

And I, I just flat outside, like it doesn’t, it didn’t matter if you had the chat active or not. I’m just like, so you’re gonna sit on your hands or fucking what dude? And it’s like, I know that if I had a mic and we were talking to the guy, I would just be like, dude, like can, can you get every fucking ass?

I’m like, actually fucking do something. Like, yeah, don’t, don’t just fucking leach off the victim. So, so that, that, that’s actually something to that to bring up cuz that’s another feature that they’re kind of doing with this and it’s coming out before the L F G does. And it’s a good thing that it is.

So that way it’ll build up some records. And what it is, is they’re bringing in a system where you can grade and rate you the guardians that you play with. . So they, they’re, they, they’re gonna be gaining like kind in a sense, like reputation points and, and it’ll, it’ll tell other Yeah, pretty much, pretty much or like, or like a accommodation thing, kind of like what the, like what, like Overwatch would do or or, or multiverses or league.

So like, it’s a accommodation type thing. So, so you’re earning stuff if you are a good player. So whenever you’re doing L F G, whenever it does come out, it’ll have a record of you showing that you’re a good player to play with, and you have more of a chance of joining a raid or whatever else. Yeah, that’s, that’s great.

That’s great. What, however, why they don’t, if there is like a way to negatively impact this, I can promise you that there’ll be one person that just flat out grief and they’re like, no, it’s, it’s, it’s strictly No, it’s, I, from what I understand, it’s strictly positive accommodations. Yeah. But no combination at all or no accommodation at all.

Right. Okay. Right. Perfect. That’s fine. That’s totally fine. Because like there are people that do kind of abuse those things. Yeah. And it’s like, yeah, I fucking had a great time. Reported, reported, reported, yeah. On no fucking basis. Just because it’s like, league is the best example. You’re in a bracket, you’re in your own kind of ranking, and what you do is that certain people will like just flat out knock people.

Like they’ll report people just to get those accounts knocked out so that there’s less people in the bracket and you have a higher chance of just like, actually kind of going up, even though you’re not improving it of your own, your own self. So yeah, as long as there’s, it’s just like either drop a leg or fucking just don’t, that’s, that’s, that’s wonderful.

Evan, you were gonna say something before. Yeah. I, I wonder is there a kick feature in in those types of, like raids or anything? Only if you’re the fire team leader. When you are doing, when you’re doing matchmaking, like automatic matchmaking, uh mm-hmm. , no one, no one is the leader, so you can’t kick anybody.

You can only report and hope something happens. Oh, I wish they had the feature, like in final Fantasy, like if somebody’s afk for math long, you could just all like focus. It does time out. Some, some, sometimes it does time out fantasy, right? Yeah. Hmm. Players can time out Fantasy though, they’re kicking out.

Hmm. Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. Final fantasy you can kick out, but if you’re, if you have gear that’s on boat, You can’t kick ’em out until the gear is finished. Voting . It’s like 120 seconds cuz you just can’t kick somebody to take the gear. This is, that’s the thought process. That’s funny.

Well, what else? I, I hate doing, I hate doing pugs. Honestly. I think it just takes practice. But this whole thing, like since, since wow, I’ve just always hated fucking doing pugs. And if like anyone was like, oh, you know, LFG or looking for a ma for you know, item level this and blah, blah, blah. If I had the requirements, I just wouldn’t do it regardless, even when it was like, Hey, you know, we want to pay you to join our guild.

And I’m like, no, no, no, I don’t, I don’t know any of you guys. I don’t wanna communicate with any of you guys. It just like, it’s not even stranger danger, it’s just, Ugh. Come on, guy, we need you. It’s gross. We need you Disgusting right now. We need you strangers. Ew. Best part part about it is that like, in real life, I’m a server and I have to deal with like strangers all the fucking time.

Mm-hmm. and I love it. Love it. What’s up? I should mention another thing that destiny is gonna come out with is finally take a shot. No. Take a shot. Finally I will take one. Eventually, finally, you, they’re gonna be able to have you in a, in a sense, dismantle the blue and grams, because once you get to the soft cap on the level, you the game will automatically not drop blue and grams anymore because there’s such a low level.

now they’re automatically just turned pretty much in a sense, into glimmer and weapon Smith reputation. Oh, okay. Perfect. That’s fine. That’s cool. Yeah. So now we don’t have to worry about going in our menu. Dismantling, dismantling, dismantling, having a shit ton of blues. Alright. Taking up screen in the mailbox.

Yeah. Not even in the mailbox inventory. Well, I’m, that’s what I’m saying for both. I don’t let it take up space. I dismantle it, I dismantle that shit. The, literally the moment I pick it up. No, still if you pick up like four different weapons this happened where you pick, you gotta sit there and dismantle.

Three of them are blues and then I The one you want it when it’s in your mailbox, mailbox it. Yeah. So that one’s interesting. What about the story, the life stuff? What about the story for you, Randy? Because I know Danny doesn’t care for that. For, okay. So I am interested in, in witch queen. . I do like how that’s going.

I haven’t really done, you have to beat it first. No. Yeah. I, I like where it’s going, but also I, I’m just yeah. I, I have a million other things that I, that I enjoy doing. Crucible strikes, inspire now. Inspire. Yeah. And now Do Ali, since we did that. Yes. Which was really fun. I, I did, I enjoyed, I enjoyed both.

I will say I probably enjoyed Spire more. Hmm. But DUI was a lot simpler. Well, yes, and we also know it. Really, me and Danny know it really well. So that was, it’s not as challenging as the spiral. Yeah. We all went to, we all, I only did spiral once and you guys went in it blind, so that’s why we had a longer time with it.

Yeah. No, but I mean, like now, now it’s probably fucking Oh yeah. Breeze. Yeah. Du it was super easy to pick up. I still don’t understand the fucking thing, but you guys do that. I just collapse , and that’s actually wonderful. It’s just like, you know, I’m just gonna stay here and just kill shit. You guys do whatever the fuck it is you have to do.

That’s what I like to do anyway. That’s why I was like, you guys, you go to the bell, you, you do the dogs. I’m just gonna wreck everything in the middle, make it easier. Mm-hmm. , because I know I can come back and I can, I can wipe the middle clean and you guys will be safe. Like I didn’t do. and not what was, what wasn’t enjoyable though was like sober, held my hand for all, like a minute and a half and he’s like, nah, fuck it.

You got it. . Well, yeah, cause cause most of the time, most of the time when we, when we’re Sherpa, when we’re Sherpa in somebody new, we, we kind of do have to hold their hand. And, and, and me and Danny will play together and, and even play with the stranger sometimes. And we could immediately see that they don’t know what they’re doing.

Yeah. . And, and they could sometimes, and we’ll go, okay, I’m sticking with that guy. Yeah, yeah. So, and, and they can sometimes be a higher rock guy, I dunno who he is. They can be sometimes a, a higher light level than us. So it’s like, oh yeah, this guy’s probably well seasoned, but no, he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

But like, with you, for some reason, with you, you know, like you pick things up really quickly. Like, you know what you’re doing immediately. Because I do MMOs, I do RPGs. I have been, I, I like good games. Why? . I enjoy good games. When’s? I think it’s just a natural Well done . I’m just autistic, dude. Fuck it.

That’s . Very good. That’s fine. Probably fun. There you go. . So Danny story for you at all. Anything. I know, I’m interested know this. Sorry. I, I like the whole concept of like the dark versus light type of thing and I’m, what they’re doing and bringing more strand is actually gonna be, you know, is, should be part of the dark powers, I believe Did I talking about right?

Say it again? It’s having the strand should Oh, strand. Yeah. The new supers. Yeah. Yeah. So bringing more of that and then, you know, it’s, it’s obviously gonna culminate down to a big, you know, the watcher. I, I, I think the whole thing is gonna end where you end up killing the traveler. That’s what I think. You think we’re, you’re gonna kill the traveler.

Yeah, I think we’re gonna, I think that’s what it’s gonna end. We’re killing the travel. I don’t think travels is not good nor bad. Oh. And you’re gonna realize that at the very end, and that’s where it’s leading to. And cuz there’s always so types of, like, you don’t know what the travel’s up to. You don’t know why doing it.

Like they’re constantly, there’s constant, subtle hints towards that always of, do you sure? The watch is good. Are you sure he’s out for you? He gave, you know, he gave the witch queen the power too. Just, you know, like sh I, I, that’s why I feel like that’s why you’re getting all these dark powers and you’re having both type of thing.

And you’re gonna have one big mega power at the end, and then you’re gonna defeat the fucking, that’s my prediction and that’s how it’s gonna end. So remember I said this in like 10, five years, six years from now, , it’s only one more year. Liv one more year. And then we, that story’s done. We probably won’t see the traveler after that.

Yes. That’s why cuz you’re gonna kill him. Yeah. Who’s gonna kill him? He, he thinks the guardians are gonna kill the traveler in the end, like in, in the final shape expansion. Oh, that’d be pretty cool. Yeah, that that’d be awesome. Where you’re like the involuntary evil. Yeah. Well, like the traveler is, like I said, no good nor evil, but it has to be taken out.

It’s non-binary, dude. You Exactly. You can’t misgender it. they are have to be taken out for a walk. That’s, that’s understandable. Yeah. Let’s see, what’s, what’s the, actually, actually I should mention no joke. There was so when, before D one was officially released, there is some concept art that was shown and you, do you know what was supposed to be, I guess like in the center of the traveler?

your mama A woman. Oh, . I was close. See? Yeah, there was supposed to be a female that was kind of like, like the, like in the center of the traveler. And, and when they showed concept time, so if you remember, if you remember like the old Destiny marketing where you see a bunch of astronauts on Mars and then you see like the traveler like being found for the first time.

That that wasn’t what the concept originally was. Their concept was originally was they, they met the woman and the woman was giving them a message saying it’s coming. And I, I don’t know if she was talking about the traveler or possibly the pyramids, , but, but this was the concept. So who knows this?

They, they might still stick with something like, . When we finally get to find out what’s in the traveler, if there even is something in there, what’s in the box? See, here’s, it’s in the box. Anything inside the traveler, but the traveler was inside you all along. Oh, there’s gonna be some Dumbo shit, dude.

Yeah, Ray Dumbo. The light was in us. The light was in us all along the destiny. Two light fall was in you all along . And now you are gonna be in the final shape of, oh shit, don’t fucking need off. I, I think that’s what’s gonna end up happening. Honestly, that, that’s a theory of mine. Is that the final Well, yeah, no, I, that, that’s my theory, what Kevin’s saying.

So, so for, we’re gonna get into Laura now buckle up everybody with, with the Hive. The hive kind of follows like their own type of Bible. It’s called the Sword Logic. and they believe that if you’re not strong enough to pretty much conquer everything, then you don’t deserve to live. That’s like the gist of it.

There’s a lot more interests to it. Yeah. So if you die, you deserve to die because you’re not strong enough to conquer everything. So in the end, all life should be destroyed and there should be one supreme living being out there, which is called the final, not it’s the Nazis , well, one not German name. One not a race.

Literally. One being literally just one. Yeah. Like not a perfect race, A perfect being. Yeah. The ring. So this perfect being is called the final shape, and Callous is trying to achieve that. . So, my theory is that callous may be trying to achieve it, but I think our guardian is gonna be our the final shape.

Wait, so, so actual completely fair question is, is Final Shape gonna be like, that’s it, like, that’s it. Destiny game over. Don’t destiny me ever again. Like no. D three. So originally when D one came out you know, bungee had, oh, before D one came out, bungee has said this was a 10 year plan. When Final Shape comes out, it’s 10 years.

So that’s the, that’s the last of it. But Oh, bungee, why am I actually heartbroken? What is this? Bungee, bungee still continues to say that they still have plans, they’re just not releasing anything. And that the final shape is the end of the light in dark saga, whatever that means. Yeah. And then it’s gonna be the dim saga.

That’s what they did. Saga. Same thing. They finally, the saga that they’re doing, it’s completely over. They finished every single aspect of what they’ve been doing, but the shards are oh nine from when the game first came out. It’s completely done. Yeah. To the point where they’re like, they’re gonna have more adventures, but it’s gonna be completely different.

Like it or not, destiny is a money maker, so why would you wanna end it? . Yeah. Well, and that was the same thing with found a fantasy. Like they can’t say, this is it. This is gonna be ending. It’s huge. This is the ending. This is the final fantasy. 16. Yeah, like there is, it’s, the combination is bringing every single expansion together and it ended and end the story.

There is no more bad guys to fight, no more lurking guys in the background so much. So they literally like, no more chaos do, I don’t know, chaos. Chaos. I walk around

so I can see them doing something like that. And then I think transitioning into what the next big stories. I think regardless of what happens, like maybe the traveler leaves, the traveler gets destroyed, we kill it, whatever the case may be. I think after that is done, I think we’re gonna fly away to other galaxies.

I think they’re gonna leave the soul galaxy alone and we’re just gonna go far, far away and we’re gonna explore a lot of like weird, crazy alien planets and, and we’ll, can I tell you what that sounds like? We’ll meet new and stuff like Thata Battlestar Gala three and Drama. No, no. It’s Destiny. Destiny.

The prequel. No Man Sky. You see, it just makes sense. . It’s the prequel. Oh yeah, it’s the prequel. It’s the prequel. That makes sense. Yeah. So around your gummy ship in No Man Sky . Mm-hmm. seeing weird aliens, like Dan said earlier, confirm destiny two is the Kingdom hearts prem. That’s exactly it. So we’re gonna come in, shapes gonna be like, take that and before, and so comes outta the traveler.

So Sora comes out the traveler and, and simple and clean just starts playing . The, the traveler’s actually the door to darkness.

That’s what they’ve been looking for the entire time. How hard, how hard is you nut if that happened, brand. Would I think that, that both Dan and I would just like collapse on? No. I will be so mad. I will be furious. Tell you what, I will be furious. Oh my God. I do not want Sora in my game. I do not want Sora in my game.

No, come on it or not. It just happens. If if Square somehow buys out bungee, you know it’s gonna happen. It’s a wrap. It’s a wrap. That’s it. Gigi, please. You lose like, if I can get a buster, if I can get a Buster Sword grave, I’ll be happy. That’d be awesome. . That, that’d be really cool actually. Yeah. Yeah. I, I wanna show you the bottle now that the camera’s here for the thing.

I’m drinking. North Coast Focus piece of shit focus. There we go. Oh man, I feel like I have to leave and come back. Oh, Rasputin like, yeah. The Russian Rasputin. Yeah. Yes. But also like Rasputin, like Rasputin your boyfriend, you must save Rasputin. I was really excited when he took over the the exo thingy.

Yeah. I have a feeling he’s gonna be a villain soon in the future. Not Rasputin Ray Bra. Ray over his bra. Yeah. I think he’s gonna be a like a, maybe like a, a dungeon boss or a raid boss or something like that at some point. Did you say, did you say Rasputin’s gonna kill himself? I think Rasputin’s gonna die suicide or he’s gonna sacrifice himself suicide.

Yeah. . I think that’s what’s gonna happen. Let’s go. Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang. Yeah. He, he, he still, he still feels guilty about a lot of shit that he’s done. Yeah. So I think he’s gonna do that. This dude is like, he’s listening to fucking three days, grace, Papa Roach. It’s everything under the sun. He cut my life into, hes, he’s like, I’ve been used and invaded and all this.

And it’s like I’ve been, the things that I’ve done have not been good. And I’m like this, I was born in the darkness,

blindness. I was like, alright, babe. How many times have you watched it? I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen it at least a good hundred times. No joke in one week. mu much like Chad, Kroger, sput, and has been down to the bottom of every bottle. No, my man’s just down, not even down, bad, just down and out. depressed speak.

So speaking of like movies and reminding me of TV shows and stuff, so I, I haven’t seen it and I don’t know if you guys have but Danny, so you were talking about the last of us. How was it? How was it? I love it. I thought it was fucking awesome. I mean, I, I cried. What? It made me cry twice. It was like, is fucked up.

I don’t like this shit. But then like, he has emotions. Fuck little girl. This fucked up man. They, but not they, he never played the game, by the way. Okay, got it. I was like, yeah, no shit. She fucking dies. Wait, spoilers. Nobody played the game here. . The, there be one thing if they kill the daughter and you just see her die and, and then they show it like, oh, she died.

They cut the scene. No, they shoot her, show her. She’s fucking screaming. Oh yeah. The game. Yeah. You know, he has in her arms. And then as she’s panicking, she for fucking just stops. Mm-hmm. stops. It’s like, I was so fucked up. He’s cry again. He’s gonna again. And, and then like five minutes later they killed another kid.

And I’m like, fuck this. . Yeah. And that’s actually stop part of the game. So I don’t wanna I bet you Denny wouldn’t cry if he wasn’t a, if he wasn’t a, a parent, a father. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck those kids now.

Hundred percent. Have, what is it? I, I started watching his dark materials here. That’s good. I heard That’s good. Fucking couldn’t get into it if you want to be pissed off. Okay. I, I understand why. It’s a very slow burn. I understand. Yeah. I only saw very, very slow. Maybe two episodes and I couldn’t get into it.

No, y y honestly, I, this is one that I would genuinely tell you even if you can’t get into it within the first two episodes. And I’m a very firm believer of like, you know, if it can’t captivate you in the beginning, like then what’s the point? Mm-hmm. , you do have to push a little bit further. It is, it is so fucking awesome.

It, yeah. I feel it’ll piss you off season though. It made me angry and I think it’ll just make you fucking furious, but in a good way. Like, it, it’s, it’s the funny, the funny thing is that, so this, and, and I didn’t find this out until like a week ago actually, is that dark Materials is a pre golden Preco a prequel too.

It’s Golden Compass. Sorry what? It is Golden Compass. . Okay. Yeah. So Golden Compass was like a, a complete fuck up of the original story? No. So, okay. Golden Compass, the movie itself was just, what the fuck? They adapted it. Now the books are a trilogy. His direct materials being the first one, I forgot what the other two were, but the localization of the, the book, like when they, they published it in the States.

Mm-hmm. , they changed it to the Golden Compass. Just for marketing sake. Cuz you know, his direct materials doesn’t sound like, like an entertaining book. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . It sounds gloomy shit. And quite frankly, it is gloomy as shit, but it’s a good gloom, golden compass. It, it softens the blow entirely. Like, but I’ve seen the Golden Compass movie and it doesn’t really seem like it doesn’t because, because you can’t condense the premise of dark materials.

No, not at all. Because the, obviously putting it into a show, it fleshes it out more. If you want to put it into an hour and a half movie, you are going to get dick about shit when it comes to that. Like, you will not be able to put anything in it. The, the show is a million times Fucking better. Yeah. Where Kind Watch.

This time James McEvoy is in it. It’s hbo H hbo. James McEvoy is in it. Fucking Prof. Young Professor X or Wesley. From, from Wanted. Yeah. Yeah. And he, he’s the, he’s the beast. What was the movie? The Beast? Ah, I love him actually. Is that Edward Norton or am I smoking Dick? No, bees. Mcy. Yeah. Yes. From split.

Split, yeah. Split. That’s what it was. Yeah. No, it’s like, Hey girl, this has to be one of his most like deplorable fucking performances in the best way possible. Mm. No, you’re gonna see him and you’re gonna be like, holy shit, I loved you in such and such. And then he opens his mouth and you’re like, wow, I fucking hate you in this

He’s a bad guy. No, no. He’s like an anti-hero, something. , I can’t even describe it properly with, without like spoiling it cuz like I need you to see it. Like you’ll be fueling Okay. But in a good all I wanna check it out at some point eventually. No, definitely. For sure. So before we get into anything else cuz we can, we can still continue streaming, we can still continue talking.

I, I actually just want to end the episode now. And I, you know, I just wanted to say for anybody watching, you know, check out the stream live, we’re, we’re here every Thursday, 10:00 PM Eastern time so you guys can like, listen to us rant about everything, like pretty much uncut. And you can chat with us in the chat if you’d like to.

So check out gamer for all the links to the show, podcast, all audio formats. We got it on YouTube. I got TikTok as well. We’re also officially on the coalition website, so you can check out the Randy, how is that spelled? It’s coalition with a K. Did I say this in the previous one you did?

Is this what you ference to? Oh my God, you did . You were like, that’s k o A l . Yeah. Get me outta here right now. So, Randy doesn’t remember shit last week. Jesus. So yeah, the coalition I was, I was fucking done. Check out the They have game reviews as well as TV and movie reviews, entertainment.

Spoiler, cast a lot of shit there. Really, really good stuff. So thank you guys for listening and we’ll see you next week later. Adios.

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