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30 years of gaming and all that is nerdy. I have loved not only the games, but all aspects of the industry. Everything from indie-game developers to AAA studios, the business and the politics. I keep up with all I can while writing game reviews, produce and host a podcast and stream weekly content for those that enjoy the same passion as I do. Visit the podcast website for all show links. Art, education, mental health, social climate and personal struggles are huge influences in the game industry. I've always wanted to explore deeper topics like those. Not just talk about how fun a game is, but how it can help or change lives all over the world. My biggest obsession in gaming is Destiny, by developers Bungie.
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Is the game industry dying? Are we due for it all to crash again?

Danny Martinez
So, do you ever wonder what the gaming industry would be like without microtransactions, Season passes, or loot boxes? Or wonder how the industry would...
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Gaming as an adult. How do you balance gaming as an adult? | Ep 103

Danny Martinez
  We chat with The Koalition senior editor Adam Vale and friend Courtney about finding time to game as an adult and as a parent....
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Gamer Guardians Podcast: Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion and Suicide Squad battlepass controversy. | Ep 102

Danny Martinez
We briefly chat about the Suicide Squad game sneaking in a battle pass and being live service. Todays main topic is Destiny 2: Lightfall and...
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Gamer Guardians Podcast: Anticipated games of 2023 and our possible game failure predictions! | Ep 101

Danny Martinez
 Welcome to the Gamer Guardians Podcast! We discuss the following: Forspoken, Dead Space Remake, RedFall, Final Fantasy 16, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,...