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Here’s What They Missed About Jerry Lawson on The Toys That Built America – The Swift Report

On today’s edition of The Swift Report, I sit down with one of the Co-Founders of The Koalition, and the founder of ABF Creative, Anthony Frasier. Anthony was recently invited to the hit docuseries The Toys That Built America, airing on the History Channel. On the episode, Anthony discussed the story of Jerry Lawson, the first black video game engineer. And while the History Channel did an excellent job with their production of the show, there were some finer details about Jerry Lawson’s role in the story that was missed. Not to mention, the actor that was completely unlike Jerry.

On this podcast, we shed light on some of the areas that were lacking in The Toys That Built America. Perhaps due to fierce editing and time constraints. Jerry’s contributions to the video game industry are vast. Not only did he pioneer the first video game console with a cartridge mechanism, but he also paved the way for 3rd party game development on the Atari 2600.

If you wish to learn the full history of Jerry Lawson then I recommend checking out the Audible documentary Raising The Game: The Untold Story of Jerry Lawson, produced by Anthony Frasier and ABF Creative.

Disclaimer: This is a friendly critique of the TV series and no malicious intent is meant towards The History Channel or the people working on The Toys That Built America.

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