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The Co-op Podcast 67: Will We See 3rd Party Titles on Playstation Now?

We’re back with the first The Co-op podcast episode of 2014, and there’s much to talk about already. Sony revealed their Playstation Now service at CES this week, and although it sounds great on paper, just how much content will we be getting with the service? We speculate on which games we’ll get access to on Playstation Now, and how it will effect future developments on Playstation consoles. Will we have access to 3rd party games on Playstation Now? Will we soon have access to PS4 games on Playstation Now? It’s a good question. Let us know what you think.

Staying on the subject of Sony we also touched on the current sales figures for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Sony clearly has the slight edge at this point, but we’re still early into the console life-cycles and anything can happen.

TitanFall will only feature 6v6 online matches, but is that such a big deal? We share our thoughts on the issue as well as touch on some of the reactions from gamers surrounding the news. Richard Bailey Jr. just wrote an intriguing article in which he aims to predict some of the games that will be announced in 2014. To compliment the article we added our commentary on each game and discuss how likely it is to be announced.

All of this and more on this week’s Co-op podcast.

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