The Co-op Podcast 72: Will Amazon Fire TV Steal Nintendo’s Market Share?

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After popular demand we finally managed to bring back one of our founders Anthony Frasier to join us as a guest on episode 72 of The Co-op Podcast. Anthony Fraiser now runs his own business at The Phat Startup so definitely check it out. With his business smarts at hand there were a few discussions we had to have regarding the gaming industry. One of them was Amazon’s Fire TV box which is a set-top box with video game support. How much of a threat will this new device be to the current consoles? Could it affect Nintendo specifically, being that its a more casually appealing device? We go back and forth on this during our discussion.

It might be old news now, but we definitely had to touch on Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus. Anthony Frasier is a man that does his homework when it comes to tech start-ups, and business so he graced us with an interesting point of view on the whole thing. Was this acquisition really the best thing for the Oculus Rift? Does Mark Zuckerberg have his own hidden agenda?

Also discussed is Amy Hennig’s new position at Visceral games, Phil Spenser being the new head of the Xbox division at Microsoft and Iron Galaxy taking over full Killer Instinct duties. All this and more.

Disclaimer: You may hear slight popping noises, this is due to me not having access to my regular recording equipment. We apologise and will continue to offer the best quality possible on our shows.

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