The Co-op Podcast #109: How Will Sony & Microsoft Fare After GDC 2015?

We share our thoughts on GDC 2015 and more

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Welcome to the 109th edition of the Co-op Podcast. This week the panel discusses events of the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference.

This week’s panel consisted of Jakejames Lugo, Austin Conway and’s Editor-In-Chief Richard Bailey Jr.

Below you will find this week’s agenda, podcast stream and download:

  • We share our thoughts on Sony Morpheus and whether or not VR will be a successful strategy by Sony. We give our Thoughts on Microsoft’s presence at GDC 2015.
  • Major Nelson have revealed that those who play Xbox One compatible games on Windows 10 won’t pay for Xbox live Gold. What are our thoughts on this?
  • Phil Harrison has seemingly left Microsoft but they refuse to acknowledge it. What are our candid thoughts on this topic?
  • Battletoads has been teased once again by Microsoft. Which other classic Xbox franchises do we want to see make a return on the Xbox one?
  • Valve Source Engine 2 has been announced and Vale has acknowledged that they are experimenting with VR. Does this mean Half- Life 3 is still in the works?
  • Rock Band 4 has officially been announced. What are we expecting from this game and are we excited for it?
  • Johnny Cage and Kenshi will appear in Mortal Kombat X. What are our thoughts on this and which other characters should make the roster?
  • A Street Fighter V tentative release window has been revealed.  What are we looking for in this sequel?
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain releasing worldwide on September 1st. What are our thoughts on the game and how successful it will be once it hits stores?
  • We give our thoughts on the latest gameplay and details from Final Fantasy XV released during PAX East 2015.
  • PlayStation 4 Sales have surpassed over 20.2 Million consoles sold Worldwide. What are our thoughts on this and how will Microsoft and Nintendo sales fare down the road?

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