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Throwdown Ep. 14 – “Seduction of the Innocent”

Welcome to another episode of our Throwdown podcast. This is a show where we discuss video games, pop culture and tech in an honest and uncompromising fashion. You won’t get any bullshit here.

There wasn’t a singular monumental thing that happened in the world of gaming, tech, or pop culture for us to dig super deep into this week so we decided to do an all-news episode of Throwdown. This is essentially an old-school type episode of this podcast… minus the questions of course.

For gaming news we talk about how certain Australian retail stores are no longer selling Grand Theft Auto V, how the Xbox One supposedly outsold the PlayStation 4 during Black Friday, the Assassin’s Creed Victory leak, and the possibility of Marvel and Star Wars characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3.

On the Pop Culture side of things we discuss whether or not Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber will play a crucial role in The Force Awakens, how AMC spoiled The Walking Dead for millions of viewers, the Suicide Squad cast reveal, and the official synopsis of the Fantastic Four movie.

This week I was joined by: Emilio LopezBrian Munjoma, and Chris Sealy.


Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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