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Featured ‘I’m Concerned for Him’ Ragdoll Sneak Peek Ep.103 – Exclusive Clip

Dana Abercrombie
“So this was all planned. Nick Hooper didn’t miraculously escape the killer. The killer deliberately sent him running back to us.” – Rose In our...
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Featured AMC+’s Ragdoll Is a Cocktail Of Murderous Circumstances

Dana Abercrombie
There’s a killer on the loose, the kind that doesn’t just murder but is so twist and sick he turns six bodies into one. In...
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Featured AMC+’s Ragdoll Balances The Gruesome Horrors Of A Serial Killer With Deflecting Humor

Dana Abercrombie
Based on the popular novel by Daniel Cole of the same name, AMC’s Ragdoll is a crime thriller surrounding the investigation of the crimes of...
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Love, Life and Letting Go – An Interview With Chemical Hearts’ Kara Young

Dana Abercrombie
Amazon’s Chemical Hearts is more than a movie, it’s more than teenagers falling in love. It’s about the moments that make us, the events that...