Sony Unveils New Driveclub Trailer During Gamescom; Features More Stunning Locales

Pretty cars go vroom

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It’s no secret that Sony’s upcoming racing game, DriveClub, is a real feast for the eyes. The game is a visual marvel and this latest trailer shows some more of the game’s stunning graphics.

One thing that you’ll notice from this trailer is that it has a lot of numbers appearing around the cars. The game will have a community feature which allows players to compare their stats. This isn’t exactly a driving simulator (it sits in the middle of arcade and sim) so it makes sense that it would have things like this in it.

The trailer also features a lot of amazing looking locales. From the looks of it, it seems that DriveClub will go wheel-to-wheel with some of the other big time racers out there as far as visuals are concerned. This is a current-gen only game so we shouldn’t be surprised that it looks this good but on the other hand, we have to acknowledge the game’s visual fidelity. It is purdy!

DriveClub will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on October 7.

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