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The Order 1886 Game Informer cover

Much of What’s Being Said About The Order is Wrong. Let’s Set the Record Straight

There is a lot of misinformation going around about The Order: 1886. This editorial serves as a way to debunk some of that and provide facts to counter what is being said.

mortal kombat

10 Characters We Want to See in Mortal Kombat X

We share our thoughts on 10 characters that we want to see in Mortal Kombat X.

Game of Thrones Telltale

Telltale Games. The Difference Between Observing and Making Choices

Is it better to make your own tough choices or observe them being made for you? We discuss how Telltale games masters the difference.


Tatjana’s Video Game Crushes

Operations Manager Tatjana tends to love the people of the digital world more than the real world. Join us in going over which characters she crushes on most.

Zelda Video Game Princess 2

The True Disney Princesses of Video Games

We list a few of the noteworthy female video game characters deserving of the title " Disney Video Game Princess".

Nintendo hitting Youtube Content Creators For Ad Revenue

Nintendo’s YouTube Extortion Policy Gets Worse

Nintendo "Creators" Program is basically extortion for Youtube video creators who produce "Let's Play" video, game playthroughs, speed-runs, and gaming reviews.

Dying Light 3

Is Dying Light Just Another Dead Island?

We compare Dying Light to Dead Island, both of which are open-world zombie games developed by Techland.


#TheDopeness: TellTale Games

While bridging the gap between entertainment mediums and provided deep narrative experiences, TellTale Games has become a gaming powerhouse.

Mass Effect Squad Members

Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Join us for another Mass Effect definitive ranking.. This time, we rank the squad members!

steph featured

From Ugly Duck to Unfinished Swan: How Gaming Kept Me Sane

Stephanie Burdo chronicles her experiences as a female gamer dealing with romance and bullying.

Fantastic Four Screenshot 7

Why I Now Have Hope for the New Fantastic Four Movie

Since the Fantastic Four movie was announced, I haven't been happy. After seeing the first trailer however my feelings have changed. It might actually be good.



Sony removes support for a few applications on Vita. And it's honestly about time too.