The Godfather 2 Review – It’s just business!

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In 1974 the greatest sequel in film history was released. That film was of course The Godfather 2. EA hopes to have the same success with their own video game sequel with The Godfather 2. The Godfather 2 has upgraded features, new features, and the new “Dons View” system. With all of the new additions in the game The Godfather 2 is already looking better than the first game.

The Godfather 2 begins in Havana, Cuba at Hyman Roth’s birthday get together. Things get carried away and rebels end up killing New York Don Aldo Trapani, who also happens to be your boss. Seeing as how you were Aldo’s right hand, Micheal Corleone orders you to take back control of New York’s crime organization and later expanding it to Miami. The plot is pretty simple, but its really good. Especially when you throw minor scenes from the actual film and have it tie-in the game so neatly. Like with the last game you get to create your own character, but mostly as a visual figurehead. For most of the game you will be playing as Dominic. This is good because he has his own identity as opposed to making him from scratch and have him not really seem present within the game. Dominic is a really great character and he adds a lot to this game. He is as good a character as Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV.

If there is anything that makes The Godfather 2 single handedly surpass the first game it has to be the gameplay. The original Godfather featured the Blackhand control scheme, which has now been updated and revamped. Now you’ll be able to grab anyone and knee them in the face or headbutt them. This especially works good on the PlayStation 3. Being able to slam someones head against a wall or desk with the help of the six-axis is soothing. When it comes to gunplay The Godfather 2 doesn’t really stand out even though its good and easy to use. You are able to carry about 8 weapons at a time, which range from pool sticks, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and plenty more. Shooting is as easy as possible. Simply target with L1 and shoot. You can also slightly move your target during the lock on to get a head shot or to shoot at whatever particular body part you want. One of the great things about this game is the different types of executions you can do with all the sorts of weapons. There is nothing like giving someone uncooperative a shotgun blast to the face. Along with your heavy artillery you’re able to carry explosives such as molotovs, dynamite, and bombs. They’re really fun to throw at people. When things get a bit too hectic your family will be there to help out. Each member has their own special skill such as arson, demolition, medic, engineer, and more. Each can become very handy in their own moments, and luckily the AI is pretty good when following and backing you up. They do sometimes get a little sluggish and end up getting bodied every once in a while. You are also able to take your family online and go up against other families, which can earn you upgrades in the weapons license.

With all that gameplay at hand comes the new feature called the “Dons View” which I would describe as your personal guide to a mobsters takeover. The Dons View is a map of the city displaying the turfs that belong to you and other rival families. From there you can manage guards, plan takeovers, bomb your rivals businesses, upgrade your families skills, and tons more. The Dons View did get really frustrating and overwhelming at first, but I was able to get use to it. One thing I did feel the Dons View needed was a legend to help me understand what the little icons on my mini map were for. I see an X, a big red circle, and a bunch of money signs. A legend would have been real nice to have. Some strategy is also involved with setting up guards to protect your business. The problem is everytime a family would try to takeover my business they would always succeed. Even if I had more guards then they did attackers I would still lose that business. That caused plenty of frustration for me especially when my business in New York was under attack and I’m in Miami.

The Godfather 2 has some outstanding visuals when it comes to the characters. The few actors that are involved in this game really look like they did in the film, except for Micheal Corleone. I’m guessing Al Pacino said no. Even the new characters look really good in this 1950’s setting. They look like they belong in this era and in this mobster scene. The city of New York and Miami are amazing. Exactly what you would picture these cities looking like in the 50’s. With great visuals comes phenomenal sound. The Godfather 2 delivers incredible sound especially in the voice work from nearly every character. The original music is also incredible and sounds like it belong not only in this game but in the film. Plus you can never get tired of The Godfather theme song either, its a classic.

The Godfather 2 video game surpasses its predecessor like the film did in 1974. Everything you ever needed to become or feel like a true Don is in this game. Like the game says, “You can act like a mobster and with the Dons View you can think like a Don.” You don’t want to miss out on the experience this game will give you. Especially if your a fan of The Godfather like me. The game is pretty good even with the few frustrating moments that will come up. It’s not personal though, it’s just business.

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