Xbox Live & The Koalition Teams Up For Community Playdate

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You’re Invited! That’s right tell your friends and family members who own a gamertag to join us. Dust off that GTA IV: Lost & Damned and trade bullets with us in a shotgun frenzy on June 7th 8-11PM EST on Xbox Live. One thing you should know about us is we talk a lot of trash on the podcast. This is your chance to attempt to shut us up, good luck. Make sure you keep that night open for us. More details will be updated in the post soon (prizes and gamertags). Keep it locked!

If you’re a Gold Member (if not, upgrade now!), look out for these Gamertags:

* DaConcept973
* Hydro 360
* The 7 Dawg

The Koalition is riding as part of The Lost and Damned Xbox LIVE Weekend Sweepstakes so be sure to check out the rules and you could have a chance to win great prizes.

In addition to the sweepstakes above we will be giving away free Lost & Damned T shirts provided by Rockstar to selected winners throughout the night!

GTA IV Lost & Damned Playdate on June 7 8-11pm ET
GTA IV Lost & Damned Playdate on June 7 8-11pm ET
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