14 Million Kinect Cameras Shipped, With Demand Increasing For More

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The Taiwan-based optical lens maker Newmax Technology announced that they have shipped 14 million Kinect cameras, with more being ordered for December 2010 and into January 2011. Their business with Microsoft has been good for the company, they reported increasing revenue with 50% of it coming just from Kinect alone.

Newmax’s third-quarter revenues amounted to NT$687 million (US$22 million), of which 50-55% came from Kinect camera modules

Newmax has received additional orders for the camera modules, with some of the shipments scheduled for December 2010 or January 2011, the sources indicated.

Do you think Microsoft are going in for the motion gaming takeover?, this looks like MS are going in seriously towards snatching a good chunk of Wii’s casual fanbase. Do you think Kinect is going to dominate motion gaming?.


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