Crytek Reveals Xbox 360 Exclusive, Codename: Kingdoms

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Many gamers like myself are happy to have Crytek coming to our home consoles, their high-end PC games just require way too much to play. Crysis 2 is on the way to both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in HD and 3D. Crytek and Microsoft had something up their sleeves though, a new exclusive game for the Xbox 360 named, Codename: Kingdoms. I’m still unsure if Codename is actually a part of the title or if in fact this is just a codename for the game, who knows? But we do know that this game has something to do with Spartans and people from that era. Most will be quick to say this is Microsoft’s answer to God of War even though this doesn’t seem like it involves gods. I like Troy and I like 300, so this is a game I’m keeping my eyes open for. If you missed the reveal trailer, check it out below.

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