Hulu Plus Launching On PS3 Soon, Xbox 360 In 2011

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One announcement I expected Microsoft to make during E3 was that Hulu would be making its way to the home consoles. The announcement never came and rumors were shut down. But it turns out the rumors were true.

Today, Hulu announced that it would be launching Hulu Plus, ad-supported, subscription service that will run $9.99 per month. The service will launch on PC, Ipad, Iphone, Samsung TV’s, etc; A Hulu takeover if you will. Hulu Plus will also be heading to your PS3 in July and on your Xbox 360 in early 2011. You can expect to receive content from FOX, ABC, NBC, all of which will be available in 720p.

To summarize, pay ten dollars a month for full seasons of mostly basic channel television shows with commercials. Doesn’t sound good to me, not when you can get Netflix for the same price, no ads, and a chance to watch movies as well. But there you have, Hulu coming to home console. This is what you wanted right?

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