Kinect Officially Priced At $149.99, Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle For $299.99

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Major Nelson has confirmed the official price for the Kinect and also revealed the 4 Gig Xbox 360 Slim at $199.99 and the Kinect 4 Gig Bundle for $299.99. Also the pricing for the Kinect games will be $49.99, check out all the details below and let me know what you think about the official price of Kinect.

Today we have officially confirmed pricing for Kinect. Plus, we have also announced a new 4GB Xbox 360 Console and a special Kinect Holiday Bundle.

Here are the details:

Kinect Pricing: Existing Xbox 360 owners can purchase Kinect and Kinect Adventures for $149.99 (U.S. ERP). Remember, Kinect will work with every Xbox 360 ever made.

Xbox 360 4GB Console: The new Xbox 360 4GB Console includes built in Wi-Fi N, 4GB of internal flash memory and a black matte finish. The console begins shipping August 3rd and will be available for $199.99 (U.S. ERP).

Kinect Holiday Bundle:
Available later this year will, the bundle will contain: Xbox 360 4GB console, the Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures packaged together for $299.99 (U.S. ERP).

Pre-order Kinect or the Xbox 360 Kinect Console Bundle today, and at launch receive a token to download three exclusive game levels for Kinect Adventures, the game included with Kinect.

Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride will retail for $49.99 (U.S. ERP) and are part of the 15 Kinect games that will be available at launch.

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