Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack Preview

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Barack gave us the Health Care Bill and now Activision is giving gamers an overpriced stimulus package. As you know, that stimulus package comes with five maps that are to be added to the (mod)mayhem that is Modern Warfare 2. Three of the maps are brand new and two are Modern Warfare “classics”, the problem here is that all this is priced at 1200 MS points or $15 dollars.

The good folks at Inside Xbox got a preview of the new maps and they look as bad as their price point. The three new maps are named Bailout, Salvage, and Storm; The two “classics” are Crash and Overgrown (WTF!). I don’t recall Overgrown being a good map, let alone a fan favorite; Where is District, Crossfire, and Downpour? Guess they’ll sell us those at a later date for another 15 bucks.

It goes without saying that I will NOT be purchasing these maps due to pricing and overall suckage of the maps. But the main reason is due to the playlist, I assume these maps will have their own playlist because they can’t be added to the Team Deathmatch playlist due to not everyone buying them. And I do not want to play in a playlist where it only cycles through these new maps, they’ll get really old really fast if so.

You can look forward to bringing Xbox Live servers down when you purchase the Stimulus Map Pack on March 30th.

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